Out of the Notebook and into the blog: 2014 Photography Favorites

Friday, January 9, 2015

2014 Photography Favorites

So it's January 9th, who cares? I can still do a 2014 photography review ;)

I honestly can say that 2014 was my best year in terms of photography.  I really started stretching myself in terms of skill.  I started thinking about the composure of every photo I took, rather than just snapping a hundred and hoping one would be perfect.  As a result, I had less through away's and more favorites.

In terms of my photography business, I feel as if I took some steps in the right direction.  I've been developing my website: http://reynameinhardtphotography.com and have been dedicated to my Facebook page.  I shot three senior portrait sessions, and a family session.

In the new year I want, I need, to shoot more senior's.  I adore working with seniors.  They want to look beautiful in their portraits and they don't mind spending extra time to make the shot perfect.  I work extra hard to make Reyna Meinhardt Photography's senior sessions an amazing experience, meeting with coffee before hand to go over styling, locations, and ideas, and preparing gorgeous Vogue style props.  Seniors are where I shine!

I shot Brittney's senior portraits the last day of 2014.  She is my cousin from North Carolina/Arizona and I honestly can't believe she's a senior already!  She's so strong and passionate and just all around amazing that I was honored to be able to shoot her senior's.  I think this portrait really show's off her strength and power!

Yeah, snow in Arizona!  It snowed here in Tucson the night after New Years and inspired a favorite senior portrait of mine.

I'm a huge fan of self portraits!  I started out shooting self portraits with my first DSLR because I really didn't have any subjects to shoot.  It's how I learned how to be creative, basic photo skills, and photoshop.  I adore this shot, full of questions and a lack of reality.

Self portraits really stretch me creatively and this is another favorite from 2014.  My brother and I found this old abandoned house, and we went exploring and of course, I brought my camera along.  I also hauled this vintage chair that my grandma gifted me with.  I am somewhat known for having a creepier, deeper (old soul) feeling to my portraits and I like how this captured that.

Just a simple, clean, self portrait.

Capturing childhood, in 2015 I want to create more photos that express emotion and evoke feelings.
One of my favorite persons to shoot is my cousin Mckenna (12).  We created this awesome outfit out of a package of wired butterflies and a stunning tulle skirt.  Yaaaas I adore this photo and more than that, the hours of fun we had bonding at the lake taking portraits

Obsessed with this <3 td="">
Another crazy, crazy, crazy thing that happened this year is my brother becoming a senior.  Of course, I shot his portraits and had a wonderful time doing so!
Finally, one of my favorite self portraits of all time.  Deep, haunting, and emotional.  I want to express more of this through my photography, and am so proud of this portrait!  It truly embodies much of what I strive for in my work.

In 2014 I created my best photography work yet, and it scares me!  I'm scared that I won't be able to "top" myself in 2015, I want to continue growing, but that fear still lurks inside of me!  I hope to continue developing my steal, pushing myself creatively and shoot more seniors!

 Which photo of my 2014 favorites is your personal favorite?

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