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Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend Trip: San Diego

We took a look weekend vacation to San Diego (from Tucson Arizona, 7 hours), and it was really a vacation from a vacation for me, but was perfect in every way!  

We arrived late Friday afternoon and went down to old town San Diego, there were a few cute shops open, but all in all it wasn't to exciting.  We stopped at a little thrift store that was full of vintage finds and bought a few books, and a collectible clock to sell on Amazon...

On Saturday we woke up early to find the ocean, we went to a national monument that overlooked the ocean, and saw a whale which was pretty thrilling to me.  (I'm a huge fan of everything whale related). Whales travel for 5 months south to give birth, not eating anything in that time period, until they get back to Alaska! I can't imagine..

This is a cute little fella I found hanging out in a tide pool, waiting for the tide to come back in...

About 3 minutes after this picture was shot, I was jumping up to a higher part of a beach, and my toe hit a rock and started bleeding profusely.  Bubbling blood…I'll spare you a picture.  My toenail was ripped off and our beach trip for the day was over!

Did you do anything fun/relaxing for the weekend?

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