Out of the Notebook and into the blog: Vogue Paris ~ How to incorporate 1920's style into your wardrobe

Monday, January 10, 2011

Vogue Paris ~ How to incorporate 1920's style into your wardrobe

I love learning and researching the 1920's, I think it is an era so full of drama, magic, daring people, style, and at the same time confusion. I think that there are so many different parts of the 1920's that we will never understand! It is so fascinating!

I love incorporating 1920's style into my own wardrobe. Since the "roaring 20's" were so full of glamour, it can be hard sometimes to think of how to take inspiration from their fantastic style into our own, everyday looks. Here are a few tips to help you along!

1) Dazzling hair pieces!
Your in luck - stunning, sparkly, and feathery, hair pieces are in right now! They are also very 1920's! Wear a band in your hair with curled hair and you will add instant charm to the rest of your somewhat casual outfit! These also look great with sundresses, and in photography sessions!

Great hairpieces from Band.Do's black label to add a little 1920's to your look!

2) Pearls!
Pearls were seen often in the 1920's, in stunning Flapper dresses, hairpieces, to elaborate necklaces! You can look on Ebay or Etsy for some beautiful pearl collars, I bought one for a dress in the making that was only around $2o! They are perfect to add to just the right dress.

3) Sequin hand bags
Sequin hand bags are a great item to add a little 20's to your outfit that aren't expensive! I picked up a great black very Flapper inspired hand wallet at Target the other day on sale for $5! You could also look at vintage stores for an authentic vintage one!

4) That one special dress
There are so many 20's dresses in shops right now! With there drop waists and boyish - straight down - style, they make for a comfortable but stylish dress! With just the right amount of sequins, you will be the bell of the ball.
The Number One Stunner Dress
1) Forever21 2) Poetrie

Will you be using any of these ideas in your style? What era do you like to admire fashion wise?

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