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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Apartment packing list! Back to School! #kohls101

I am starting my Junior year of college at the University of St. Thomas on September 3rd, and will (hopefully) be moving into my apartment with one other girl that also goes to St. Thomas on September 1st!  I went to a community college for my first two years which saved me a ton of money in the long run, and I am SO happy that I chose to take that path!

However, it has been absolutely hectic around my house getting all packed up and figuring out what I all need in my apartment and for classes.  The one thing that was on my must have list was an ice cream scoop, which my Grandma just gifted to me the other day, I was pretty excited about that haha.

Kohls is amazing, and sent me a couple of awesome "dorm room" necessities, my two favorites were this "Be Awesome" pillow that not only goes with everything but is a great motto to live by!

They also sent me this amazing bath wrap which is the most beautiful chevron pattern!  It is coral, grey, and sea blue, all some of my favorite colors and actually the colors of my old blog design!  I am in love <3 p="">

Something I purchased from Kohls for my apartment to store all of my pajamas and sweaters in were these seriously amazing ombre containers from the Kohls dorm room section! I'm in love!

Yesterday I went on a little shopping spree at Kohls and found 4 amazing outfits for under $200 - super stylish and classy!  Check back next week for lots of back to school style inspiration!

Note: All products were sent to me from Kohls for the #kohls101 campaign, even so Kohls is a store that I love shopping at and everything I write about them comes straight from the heart!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Stone Fox Bride + Blush Pink and White Interiors

I think it would be so lovely to live in a chic little apartment or condo in Minneapolis or San Diego (polar opposites I know!), and if I were to pick a place, i wouldn't mind it looking like this.  The crazy thing, is that it's not a home, it's a bridal shop in New York City called…you guessed it "Stone Fox Bride."  

What was your wedding dress shopping experience like?  Was it at a laid back, luxurious place like Stone Fox Bride? Or was it more simplistic?

Thursday, July 31, 2014

When Everyone tells you "No"

Ballet is one of the hardest worlds to be a part of.  The art of dancing is a never-ending impossible struggle to perfection, contorting your body in ways that aren't meant to be possible.  Twisting your hips to create perfect turnout, dancing on your toes in metal pointe shoes, and the constant goal to look elegant and beautiful.

Beyond the struggles of dancing itself, there are certain biological "musts" to determine if you have a future in ballet:

1) Are your feet strong enough
2) Do you have high enough arches?
3) Do you have a natural turn out?
4) Are you petite?
5) About 1000 other random biological factors that can "determine" if you will become successful or not.

But what if it's your dream?  What if you have to dance?  And what if everyone tells you that it's biologically impossible for you to be successful?  I love the video above that shows that it IS possible to overcome the uncontrollable barriers we all have.

I dance at the Metropolitan Ballet Academy in Plymouth Minnesota, and a professional ballerina, Aynsley Inglis (check out her website, she is goooorgeous), came from New York to teach a week long Summer intensive.

The way Aynsley dances is beautiful and lovely, her career has gone far, and she is very successful.  At the end of the summer intensive, Aynsley looked at us and said "We all have our own physical limitations, I have scoliosis, but I worked to overcome it in my dancing."  She has SCOLIOSIS!  Her spine isn't straight!  When so much of ballet relies on perfect balance and movement, having scoliosis could EASILY be looked at as a career changer.  Despite this, Aynsley's will was more powerful than her biological fault, and she worked harder than many with perfect physiques, to become successful, and she did.

And she also won the #1spot in my book for the most inspiring person I know.

Sometimes when everything is against you and everyone is telling you no, the critique can actually be a gift.  Take the discouragement and prove to yourself, your body, and everyone else that they are wrong, and that they never should have told you no.

What is something that is getting in the way of your dreams?  Lets start a conversation and brainstorm ways to overcome them!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Why you should be Jealous of anyone in Minneapolis tonight

Alright alright, maybe if I could choose to be anywhere tonight, I would choose wherever the person that took that beautiful photos of turquoise waters was, but my second choice is definitely in Minneapolis for the Target Fireworks, where I am SO excited to be tonight!
I love finding amazing things to do in Minneapolis, especially in the summertime.  This here is a picture from the 4th of July this year, me, my brother, and a couple of friends watched the fireworks over the beautiful Minnesota state capitol.  They were stunning, and aren't usually held over the capitol but were this year because of flooding.  However, they aren't going to compare whatsoever to tonights fireworks.   

If your looking for things to do in Minneapolis, the finale of the 75th Aquatennial in Minneapolis ends with a huge Target Fireworks show, were 10,000 pounds of explosives are lit off and 3,000 fireworks are lit off in the finale.  Plus, this is my favorite part….it's all choreographed to music!

Have you been to any amazing fireworks show?  I seriously wish I had been at the San Diego show where all of the fireworks went off at once making an hour long show 30 seconds long!!!

The best thing my dad that inspired my Brother and I to SELL

Hey!  Goodmorning lovelies!!  So today I sold an old western saddle that my dad bought me at an auction 3 years ago (I only ride English!) and paid $150 for it, along with about 10 other horsey products.  Today I sold JUST the saddle for $200, three days after listing it.  I am so excited to tell you about the super simple thing that my dad did with my brother and I when we were younger to teach us the importance of SELLING and piqued our interest in making money!  

I was probably right around 13, and my little brother 12, when my dad came into the house with a box full of the craziest, weirdest things.  Huge walkie talkies, a green coin purse, vintage looking books, and other "stuff" that looked like they had potential.  My dad hands us the big box, and says "if you guys list it on Ebay, you can have all the money you make from it."  

There are so many elements that made this opportunity work to create an interest for us.  It gave us an opportunity to do something to make our own money, which elicits feel good feelings, it gave us the opportunity to use our brains on how to navigate Ebay, list something in the best way possible, and choose words that buyers are attracted to.  It also taught us to do research to find the value of products.  

My brother and I set to work, I took photos upon photos of things in a white tent to create a "stock image esque" (or so I thought) photo, my brother researched prices, and then we worked together to list everything.  

Simply by handing us a box of junk and telling us to sell it, my dad gave us the opportunity to develop an interest in selling, which is a tool that is important for entrepreneurs.  Teaching kids how to sell and make money does NOT have to be hard or boring for you or them, get creative and lets them do it hands on!  

I don't remember if we actually successfully sold anything on Ebay, but I do know that my brother, now 18, has a largely successful Ebay business, profiting around $48,000 a year!  

What started your interest in selling?  Let me know in the comments! 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

My Smile is Intimidating? - Self Esteem of a Server

After being a host at Red Lobster for a few months, I became a server, and have entered a world of brutality.  Remember a thousand things at once, trying extremely hard to impress guests and to be constantly on my tip toes trying to not make any mistakes.  However, I've found that no matter how hard I can try, there will always be that one person that you can't please.  

Today my best friend came into Red Lobster to eat with his cousin, who I hadn't ever met.  I was obviously very excited to see my best friend and being a naturally very smiley person, I was all smiles.  Afterwards, being my curious self, I asked my friend if his cousin liked me…he replied saying his friend was intimidated by my smile.  

This bugged me.  That one little statement from a stranger, brought down my self esteem faster than poison ivy welts form on my legs when unknowingly step in a patch of it on the way to the lake (and considering I'm highly allergic to the stuff, it's pretty quick) and made me question myself.  Should I start smiling less?  Am I weirder than I thought?  Is my smile not pretty enough?  What is wrong with me?!  *breaks down crying over Red Lobster cheese biscuits*

And then I realized…why am I caring over one random guy's tiny first impression about how much I smile?!  What do I owe to him to even consider changing who I naturally am?  I have probably made 100's of wrong first impressions, it's human nature, as inevitable as the law of attraction.  Tonight I realized that there isn't any reason I should judge myself based on one customers first impression on me.    

This realization isn't anything that is earth shattering or brand new by any means, but it's something that is so easy to forget.  Have you seen the Stop the Beauty Madness Campaign that has gone viral?  It has simple stock images paired with blunt wordings that make us realize how absolutely ridiculous the strain of perfection society and even ourselves expect us to achieve.  

We all have those moments when our self esteem crashes.  What is something that drops, or has dropped, your esteem down in a matter of moments that you know is SO ridiculous?  Let's share our secrets in the comments!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

My Guilty Summertime Pleasure…..

I was reading an article in a magazine about how chic Athletic wear is so trendy right now, and J-crew and Urban Outfitters do create some pretty tempting and fashionable pieces that tempt me…but I always end up going for the pretty sundress.

They are SO comfortable and cool, and perfect for picnics and walks around Lake Calhoun here in Minneapolis!

I just picked up these two gorgeous dresses from Modcloth the other night….my total came to I believe $54, not bad.  I had a $20 off code from being referred by a friend and thought I would share it with you here so you can take advantage of it as well!

Here is the Link to get your $20 off of a $50 purchase, bringing it down to $30…Your welcome!