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Friday, November 21, 2014

My New Favorite Thing #Procrastination


2 weeks left of college, 4 exams, all finals, left.  I have management cases, accounting essay's and micro econ essay's due.  

Don't say your not the same way, unless your crazy smart and already know everything in your classes, it's stressful.

  In my Theology class today, we had a guest speaker talking about how at the University of St. Thomas, research has shown that students are wayyyy more stressed out at our University that the national average.  This makes sense, there is so much pressure.  The class sizes are small - around 30 students, in my business class there is a requirement that only 22% of the class will receive an A.  

It's competitive, you have to be the best in terms of everything (education, well roundedness, even appearance) to stand out and be considered someone on the track to success.

However, sometimes it's ok to take a break. To say "whatever" and save it for later.  Right now, in my "whatever" time, I have been listening to "Serial" it's a Podcast (you can download it in on iTunes).  It's really popular right now, millions have been listening to it.  Basically, it breaks down a crime case, week by week, every detail, picking at it and wondering if things where done correctly or not.  Was Anon actually guilty for his ex-girlfriends murder?  Or is he not?  Watch it if your at all interested in law or crime cases, you will thank me.  

What do you do when you aren't dong homework or whatever else you're supposed to be doing?

And maybe, it's the things we do when we are procrastination, that are actually the things that we really be doing…

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Little Girls in Tutus - Australian Inspired

As you know, I am in ballet and as a result - adore anything ballet related…tutus, yes please.  Even cuter is little girls ballet clothes, and Target - always being a show stopper, teamed up with Collete Dinnigan and Australian Ballet Company to create a gorgeous line.  Seriously, let the pictures speak for themselves…

Can they please make these in my size?!  Which is your favorite?  

Friday, October 17, 2014

S.O. Rad - College Looks on a College Budget $100 Kohls Gift Card Giveaway!

Have you watched Youtubers MakeupbyMandy24 and LiaMarieJohnson?  They teamed up with Kohls to create the S.O R.A.D collection, which I happen to think is pretty amazing!  

Youtube wasn't even a thing a few years ago, and now you tubers that are in college/high school are teaming up with huge brands like Kohls to create styles that are more perfect for you and me!  Kohls sent me these picks from the collections.  They are cozy and definitely have that autumn style, which is perfect for this time of year.  Seriously though, who else is holding on to the hope that winter never comes?!

I'm also giving a way a $100 Kohls Gift Card to celebrate!  Enter in the little box below :) 

Humbled Grave

I shot these by myself at a lonely cemetery in St. Paul yesterday.  The lighting was beautiful and the cemetery was very humbling.  I wanted to capture a quite feeling of longing and imperfection in my photos and I am pleased with the results.  

I often look to other photographers for inspiration, and when I see an idea that I love, I get really excited about trying it out myself.  However, I then feel afraid that my image will come out looking like a "copy" of theirs, what's the purpose of that?  This has never happened though.  I have an idea in my head, often inspired by someone else, but then it changes as I'm shooting or get to the location.  It is when I am actually shooting that I realize what I am creating is completely my own, though I did take inspiration originally from someone else, I morphed it into something that is unique to me, my feelings, and the photo that I'm trying to create.  

Also the dress I'm wearing is Brandy Melville, which is an amazing 1 size fits all brand (I know right!), hello loose, flowy, dainty dresses!

How do you deal with a world full of inspiration?  How do you create work that is unique to you and only you? 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Scared Shrekless - For Us Preppy College Kids

All right.  Last week was a big exam week at UST - Micro-economis exam, Accounting exam, Theology exam, and management exam.  Of course, I also got scheduled a ridiculous amount at Red Lobster, and was run ragged all week.  

What does that call for?  A night at home, cuddled up in a cozy quilt, doing art's and crafts and watching netflix.  I watched the most wonderful little show on Netflix tonight, called Scared Shrekless. Raise your hand and admit it - you love Shrek too :)  He must be the best animated show ever, his humor is unbeatable and his sarcastic/not always happy personality is relatable!  Plus, it has a halloween twist that is perfect for the season.  

What are you watching on Netflix right now? Leave a comment and let me know! 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Apartment Walls - DIY Faux Brick Wall

I stumbled on this amazing faux brick wall tutorial over at AKA Design and Life and had to share it.  It is absolutely perfect for those dreary looking walls in random corners.  Plus, faux brick paneling only costs around $50 at Lowes! 

What are your weekend projects?

Monday, September 29, 2014

First 4 Weeks at the University of St. Thomas

One of the hard parts about being at the University of St Thomas is that I am a transfer student living off campus, who also has a serving job and 15 hours of ballet every week.  It has been struggle to have a social life (and to meet new people), while having a job and studying.  I'm really hoping that it starts to quite down a lot and that I am able to find a better balance.  

The social life is so completely different than the small community college I transferred from.  Keep in mind, UST is an expensive private college (thanks scholarships!!).  I've found that it's a lot more challenging to find peers that aren't super stuck up, which sounds bad, but is so true!  There is also a bigger pressure to be perfect because everyone at UST is…perfect grades, enough money, and perfect clothes all the time.  

Do you think it's a good idea to have a job during college?  Or do you think it's better to fully immerse yourself in the social life and academics?  Let me know in the comments!  Even a simple yes or no will do just let me know what's buzzing around in your head!