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Friday, February 20, 2015

If you miss Serial...

Serial Podcast swept the world by storm in October and recently came to an end…leaving me with serious withdrawal.  I finally said enough is enough and looked up some new Podcasts that are worth listening to.

My favorite so far has been Invisibilia which resulted in me binge listening to all 7 episodes in a matter of two days.  Invisibilia looks into the psychological strangeness of life and us as beings.  It is interesting because it uses research to delve into the why's and what's of strange things we experience that we don't realize are even happening.  One of the episodes focuses on why people feel better in "categories" and other's explore fear, what would happen without it and why we experience it.

Photo: Invisibilia 

What Podcasts do you love?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Action 2015: OUR year to make the world SHINE

When there are so many huge issues facing someone that want's to do good in the world, it's hard to choose just one.  How do you decide if you should fight poverty in America, or poverty in Africa?  Or you could save sea turtles, promote sustainability, fight for equality, fight cancer, give shoes to poor, there isn't one right answer to "what should I do?"  Do what comes to you first, the opportunity to help that is right in front of you, and I believe it will lead to more.

In 2014 we heard Feminism being sung loud and proud, Taylor Swift, Keira Knightly, Emma Watson, the book "Lean In," all examples of equality being spoken up for in the past year.  We've taken leaps and bounds to the awareness of inequality, but now, 2015, is time to DO something about it!  

The other day I was babysitting a 5 year old little boy.  We were coloring pictures, and he said he was going to draw me a picture.  He grabbed a pink marker and said he had to use pink because pink is every girl's favorite color.  I asked him if he liked pink and he said "no, ewww, it's a girl color."  Inequality starts at such a young age, he hasn't even started preschool yet!  Children are learning inequality from their parents, media, and music, and it needs to stop spiraling.  Everyone should be allowed to love pink.

Action 2015 is going to work together, with us: citizens, and organizations to change the world.  There will be two summits with the sole purpose of solving three key issues: Poverty, Inequality, and Climate change.  They are honestly going to change the course of the world, and make it a better place for you and me, and the millions of other people on this planet.  There's no purpose on waiting, and Action 2015 realizes that, which is why this is the year for change.

Some of the highlights of things they are working on:

.A transition to 100% renewable energy

.An end to inequality and discrimination

.An economic system that benefits everyone, rather than just a few.  

The best thing about Action 2015 is that everyone can support it, you can step up to fight discrimination and inequality, you can make changes to your life to help climate change, you can even fight poverty, YOU have the power to make a change.

In 2015 I am going to find ways to fight against inequality.  They may be little, but if everyone does something little, it will make a huge impact.   

 How are you going to support Action 2015?  Leave a comment and let me know, I'd love to share your ideas and photos!  If you write a blog post, or leave a comment with what your doing and a link back to your blog/twitter/etc.  I will write up a post here, and on instagram/pinterest/twitter/facebook with your amazing ideas!

Also to learn more about Action 2015 and how to get involved visit their website, Twitter, and Facebook.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend Trip: San Diego

We took a look weekend vacation to San Diego (from Tucson Arizona, 7 hours), and it was really a vacation from a vacation for me, but was perfect in every way!  

We arrived late Friday afternoon and went down to old town San Diego, there were a few cute shops open, but all in all it wasn't to exciting.  We stopped at a little thrift store that was full of vintage finds and bought a few books, and a collectible clock to sell on Amazon...

On Saturday we woke up early to find the ocean, we went to a national monument that overlooked the ocean, and saw a whale which was pretty thrilling to me.  (I'm a huge fan of everything whale related). Whales travel for 5 months south to give birth, not eating anything in that time period, until they get back to Alaska! I can't imagine..

This is a cute little fella I found hanging out in a tide pool, waiting for the tide to come back in...

About 3 minutes after this picture was shot, I was jumping up to a higher part of a beach, and my toe hit a rock and started bleeding profusely.  Bubbling blood…I'll spare you a picture.  My toenail was ripped off and our beach trip for the day was over!

Did you do anything fun/relaxing for the weekend?

DIY: Preppy Cape/Cloak

I was inspired by this DIY cape tutorial, and endless hours of re-watching Gossips Girl and seeing how gorgeous Blair's classic style truly is.  At first, I envisioned creating a cape like the one in the tutorial, longer, more of a winter style, black and white.  Life is full of surprises though, and I fell in love with this flannel fabric at Joanns, and my vision took a 360, I wanted a color, regal cranberry velvet, a classic "preppy" look.

DIY Tips:

I definitely recommend this pattern for the cloak, it is extremely easy to follow and you can modify it to your liking!  For some more inspiration, I curated a few different ideas onto a pinterest board.

If you want your cloak shorter, as mine is, look for 45inch fabric!  It says the width of the fabric on the label by the price on the bolt.

The velvet I found for the trim was in the by the yard ribbon section at Joanns!

Blairs take on  shorter cape:

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Places to Go: Signapore


The classic study abroad semesters that people take are usually to London, Paris, Italy, maybe Greece, and I'm actually spending a semester in Paris next fall.  However, I always thought it would be fun to try something out of the ordinary and go somewhere different…like Signapore!

This is Signapore's 50th anniversary and they are going all out!  Amazing festivities all year and gorgeous sights to boot.  

Would you travel abroad to somewhere less traditional? 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

10 Tips for your first Adult Ballet Class

Source: Unknown 

I began ballet as an 18 year old, very old to start ballet.  I walked into THE professional ballet company in Minnesota, Metropolitan Ballet Academy, and was immediately in love with the classical music playing, the chandelier hanging from the ceiling, bars full with girls wearing black leotards and pink tights.  I never looked back, from my first leotard purchase to my role in the Nutcracker as a rat, and my first pair of pointe shoes, it has been one of my favorite life experiences.

I think the single most important thing to consider before beginning ballet is how far you want to go.  Do you want to learn the absolute correct technique and be training at a professional level (you likely will find yourself dancing with very young children at first in these studios)?

If not, there are also many studios that aren't professional, but do have great beginner adult classes.

You can also try something such as Pure Barre if you are searching for the benefits of ballet, without the competition.

In this article I'm going to focus on 10 tips for your first ballet class at a professional studio or mid-level studio, since this is where I have the most experience!

1)  Check out the studios website and find their dress code.  Most studios require black leotards with either pink or black ballet tights and pink ballet slippers!

Source: Unknown

2) Wear your hair in a bun (if it's long enough).  Even if it's not required, your hair WILL get in the way and be detrimental to your focus.

3) Buy ballet tights at an actual ballet store (online, such as Discount Dance or a brick and mortar store), they don't have the lines running up from the thighs like tights from target or any other clothing store will!  Ballet tights are also thicker and more durable = less runs, more coverup.

4) You will be completely confused for your first…many…classes.  Ballet changes your entire body, you now have to turn out, hold your arms different, remember a thousand different french words and what they mean, and learn to dance to classical music.  Don't give up!  Once you begin to "get it" you will be on top of the world, and remember no one ever reaches "perfection" in ballet, though we never stop striving for it.

5) If a leo and tights is the uniform, don't wear underwear!  It's impossible to avoid panty lines in leo's and people will see your underwear through your tights, avoid this at all costs!

6) Ballet class étiquette: Never talk during class, and raise your hand if you have a question.  Ballet instructors are highly respected and the ballet world is a bit harsher than real world.

7) If you don't like feet, your in for a struggle - get used to talking, looking, breathing, feet.

8) Many ballet studios require certain types of ballet slippers, which should be listed on the website.  However, if you have a choice, most ballerina's choose canvas vs. leather slippers.  The canvas slippers show off your pointe better, and look nicer longer.

9) Never buy ballet shoes from Payless. Never.

10) Enjoy your class!  Even if your overwhelmed, give it a few tries, ballet is an art that is absolutely beautiful and is extremely rewarding, physically and mentally!

Have you tried adult ballet?  What tips would you add to this list?

Plus..a throwback to this old post on ballet from before I started ballet!

2015 College Resume/Leadership Goal: Epic Floral/Chalkboard Fashion Show

Oh So Beautiful Chalkboard Paper

One of the most important things potential employers look for after college beyond your GPA, is the leadership that you had throughout your years in college.  Internships are important, but it seems with such a competitive market of prestigious and highly educated fresh grad's, every differential advantage that you can find will help. 

"One of the most important things potential employers look for after college beyond your GPA, is the leadership that you had throughout your years in college."

Something that I fell in love with a few years ago was organizing and designing the 4-H fashion show in Isanti County. 

Like most 4-H events, Fashion Revue is a judged event, girls and boys sew their outfits or style an outfit they bought, and get judged on their design choices, their knowledge of the outfit, the care, and how it fits into their wardrobe.  Afterwards, there is a fashion show during the county fair where the participants model their creations and find out who won Grand, Reserve, etc. and who will be going to the state fair for the next level!

Last year I was too busy with ballet and work to organize the event, and as a result Fashion Revue honestly took a turn for the worst.  

This year I want to revitalize the entire Fashion Revue program.  Make it beautiful and exciting for youth to be apart of, involving them in every way possible and inspiring them to create! It could also result in being a great fundraiser for 4H if done right.

Oh So Beautiful

I've started brainstorming some ideas, here's what I've thought up:

Chalkboard styled background: messages from youth participants to help them be involved in the creation

Pink Paper flowers

Workshops to help develop sewing/styling skills

A Very "luxe" feel - Invitations

After Party

Goodie bags for participants

I'm really excited about this project!  I hope it inspires youth to get more involved in 4H and develop more excitement for the program and help build leadership skills so upcoming youth are willing to take the reigns eventually. I will keep you updated on the process!

And I'd love to hear from you!  Leave a comment below answering this question!

What are your plans to make your Resume's stand out in terms of Leadership?

Oh So Beautiful