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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Yoga/Dance Wish-list + A College Hack

Somedays at college, I just want to be cozy.  I love to dress up and where pretty dresses and nice sweaters, but one those really cold days, or the drizzly rainy days, I just want to be warm.  Especially since I have to park my car a mile away from college haha, College Do: Buy a parking pass (at least if you live in chilly Minnesota).

Free People just released an amazing collection of Movement clothing, they also have a Dance collection which is stunning as well.

I love these pieces because not only can you wear them to cozy up your outfits but they also double as great yoga/dance/workout clothes.  I am IN love with our cardio room at the University of St. Thomas for practicing ballet because it has an amazing easy to use sound system, gorgeous hard wood floors, and mirrors all around.  However, our yoga options are limited.

I've found that if you want to take yoga at a college, they usually charge for those classes (aren't we already paying enough for tuition?!).  Here's a little hack for you - typically you can find many studios that are right around your University, there are probably 7 within a 2 mile radius of St. Thomas.  They typically will offer 1 week free trial classes, which saves you money, allows you to try out different yoga techniques, and after your 1 week  is up, the prices are still usually cheaper than taking yoga classes at your college.  Win win!

The "Coolest" Kickstarter Campaign

The Coolest is truly one of those "inventions" that makes you wonder why you hadn't thought of it.  The basic cooler has been around for ages and ages, never with an improvement of any kind to be made.  Just a basic old blue cooler.  This guy, he events the Coolest and the standards for a cooler are completely changed!  A smoothie maker, a plug in for your iPhone, a bluetooth, LED lights, strap ons so you can haul more luggage, and thick wheels for rolling around in dirt!  Brilliant!

Not only is his product amazing, but his campaign is equally impressive.  He shows how to do a Kickstarter campaign right, with details on every question anyone could ever have about the Coolest, details on the process of development, incentives that are hard to beat, and an overall wonderful campaign.  If you have ever thought about starting a kickstarter, check out his

Would you buy this coolest cooler? 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

College Jobs Suck but on the flip side…(Pt. 1)

Jon Setzen on The Great Discontent

“I’ve had shitty jobs and internships: folding t-shirts at radio stations, working in a stock room at Nordstrom, delivering pizzas, and all of that. It’s important to have those shitty jobs so you understand when you actually find a good job.”
- Jon Setzen

My friend and I were just talking about this very struggle of having a sucky job during college.  We have both worked horrible jobs since 16, from a family owned grocery store that had black mold in the walls, to Joann Fabrics, to my current job as a server at Red Lobster.  

I can't say any of these jobs are ones that I have woken up in the morning and think to myself "oh my goodness, I am so excited to stock groceries, cut fabric, or promote shrimp!!!"  

These minuscule jobs, entry level positions, don't fulfill a greater desire to help out, to use the skills God gave us.  They are fine at first, something new, "hey I like to sew so I'll probably love working at Joanns!"  However, they grow stagnant as soon as you realize that you are just a person that truly doesn't have a impact on the majority of the people you interact with throughout the day.  

That's why I'm going to college.  That's why I read books.  That's why I search for every opportunity that is available for me and I take it, even if is scary or riskier.  I am searching for that "good job" the one that I will wake up in the morning and know that I am doing what I love.  Isn't that why we are all going to college?

My follow up post is going to be about an amazingly intriguing topic to me, why do these jobs suck so bad, and how as business owners/entrepreneurs/managers can we make them not suck so badly?  Hit subscribe to catch the next post! 

BTW - check out Jon Setzens blog, he's got some pretty legitimate stuff. 

Tell me - what are some of the worst jobs you've ever had?  I could listen to these stories for hours!  Leave a comment to let me know and I'll feature some of the worst ones with a link back to your blog!

Hotels and College Apartments are So Overrated

Would you rent a house for a vacation rather than stay in a hotel?  I do love my Hiltons, but I think I'd pick one of these stunning places for a weekend stay instead!

This bright and beautiful apartment is in Denver Colorado, retainable from KidCo (which is basically Airnb only for families with kids):

Isn't it just lovely?!  I can't handle the prettiness!

To be honest though, when I look at these photos, I'm not thinking of vacationing there, I'm thinking about how to take my little apartment ($430 a month for rent - you get the idea) and turn it into something beautiful like this…. dreaming….

Monday, September 8, 2014

Winner Winner! $100 Kohls Giftcard


The winner of the $100 Kohls Giftcard giveaway is livivua!!!!  Congratulations, I will be sending you an email asap!  Here's to shopping sprees!! <3 span="">

Thanks to everyone who entered this contest, I am so excited about a couple more AMAZING giveaways coming up for YOU so be sure to like me on Twitter, friend me on Instagram and subscribe so you know when they hit the blog!

Oh and please please please leave links to your Twitter, Instagram, and blog in the comments!  Let's socialize!  

Friday, August 29, 2014

On my Autumn Wish list - KWay meet Abercrombie and Fitch

Today is just a perfect fall day! It has been drizzling and has that crisp autumn feel in the air. I caught wind of some news that I'm pretty excited abut Kway - which is a popular company that sells raincoats that fold up nicely into a little bag, partnered up with Abercrombie and Fitch to create these gorgeous rain coats: 

Let's just take a pause for a second and talk about Abercrombie and Fitch.  Have you been in there recently?  I just went in last week and was taken aback.  They have done major rebranding and I am IN LOVE with their new all american classic style.  For years, they continuously had the same styles of clothing - same colors, same everything, never anything very "new and fresh," but this trip to Abercrombie and Fitch was completely different for me.  No longer does everything have a bird on it (not even a tiny embroidered bird), and everything has a very fresh and trendy feel to it.  New colors, new prints, new styles.  

Now back to the raincoats, I am pretty sure I fell more in love with them as I was uploading these photos!  Check out this little story that I found just so cute about how Kway raincoats came to be:

"On a rainy day in 1965 while in Paris, Leon-Claude Duhamel observed people rush by him insoaking wet clothes and on this day,  K-Way is born: a lightweight completely waterproofjacket folded in a small hip bag. Soon everyone begins to look to the practical jacket withenthusiasm, happy to leave the old umbrella at home.  A blend of timeless classic jackets,new seasonal styles and cutting-edge fabrics is what makes the  K-Way brand so unique.From simple zip-up windbreakers to upscale trenchcoats, anyone can find the perfect K-Way to look good and stay dry!"

Hey!  I want to know!  Leave a comment and let me know if you love them as much as I do!  A simple "love it" or "it's ok" comments are totally fine with me as well, just share your thoughts and let me hear your thoughts!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

College Style Musts for under $100 + A $100 Kohls Gift Card Giveaway!!

Oh my goodness am I ever in love with this sweet little blue striped dress from Kohls!  It is perfection.  Here's my little list of why this dress qualifies as perfection:

1) It can be a summer or a winter dress
2)  The colors!  So…Design inspired!
3) Looks darling with a long knit cozy sweater
4) Super comfortable
5) Adjustable straps
6) Perfect length for us tall girls 
7) Looks pretty with dainty necklaces or bracelets

So it definitely qualifies to become an addition to my wardrobe, which it did!  Plus, it was on sale for $43.99 at Kohls.  Not bad, not bad.

Kohls is amazing and sent me over a $100 gift card to give away to one of my gorgeous readers!  What outfit would you purchase if you won?! 

In addition to this dress, I also purchased this gorgeous anchor bracelet from Kohls to go with it, to keep a little bit of summertime with me throughout the year.  I've worn it almost every day since and adore how dainty it is!  And it was only $9.80 ;) Dress and beautiful bracelet together = outfit for under $100!