Out of the Notebook and into the blog: Review: S.C. Johnson Soy Based Candles

Friday, August 21, 2009

Review: S.C. Johnson Soy Based Candles

Products: "S.C. Johnson The Fragrance Collection by Glade - Soy Based candles."
Rating: 5 out of 5

I received these three wonderful candles as well as well as a Reed Difuser from S.C. Johnson in the mail. They are all very nicely packaged and I love the look they have. They smell great too! To review, I received the Currants & Acai reed dispenser , and 3 of the soy based candles in, Jasmine & Wild Orchid, Currants and Acai, and Lotus Bamboo. My favorite out of the three candles would probably be the Lotus Bamboo. The candles let out a great smell but didn't smell fake or to overwheming like som candles do. They burn nicely and have already lasted through many lightings!

As for the dispneser, I really enjoyed using that as well. However, I did decide that I like their candles better than the dispenser as the candles fill the room with a little bit of a stronger room whereas the dispenser dosen't do that as much. However, I love how the dispenser's look, almost exotic. It is also nice that you don't have to worry about them when you at night or when you are gone as their isn't a flame for it to start something on fire. Another thing that I did noitce about the dispenser is that it seems to get low on liquid quickly, unlike the candles which seem to be lasting longer. However, I still really do enjoy the dispenser!

Another thing that I really enjoyed was their website. Its really nicely put together and it has a really, well, calming affect to it. While your searching around it plays harp music and the website just looks really fresh, clean, and overall really well put together. When I look at online stores, the way the website is made really affects my decision as to if I will purchase their items or not, if the website is cheasy and not well put together, I most likely won't stay to evan look around! However, I love it when a website looks put together and proffesional like this one!
I will definatley be purchasing more candles from S.C. Johnson! I think you should try them out as well!

Thank you to S.C. Johnson who kindly sent me this product to review. This is not a paid review and all opinions expressed are of my own. Enjoy!


  1. Excellent review! I love soy candles, will have to look into these. :-)


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