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Monday, August 31, 2009

Tween/Teen Girl Contest List

Have you ever noticed the hundreds and hundreds and gobs and gobs of baby giveaways around the blogsophere? Well, all of those are terrific for Moms! However, what about all of the tweens/teens reading blogs as well as their Moms? I decided to collect a list of a bunch of giveaways that a tween/teen girl would LOVE! If you know of anymore, please let me know and I will add them!

Win some delicious cake! Ends Today.
Win a IsaBelt! Ends September 27th.
Win a Blush undershirt! Ends September 6th.
Win a pair of Gap jeans! Ends September 1oth.
Lap Top bag worth $189! Ends September 4th.
Adorable pillows! Ends September 12th.
Shirt - ends???
Bamboo Shirt! Ends September 7th.
Yoga Mat and DVD! Ends September 3rd.
Coach Wallet! Ends September 10th.
Brooks Running Shoes! Ends September 4th.
American Eagle Tote bag! Ends September 3rd.

Plus, don't forget to enter these contests of mine:

-Shabby Apple Dress
-Free Custom Header
-Inertube BobbyPins

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