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Friday, September 11, 2009

Save Big!

When we walk into a store such as Abercrombie or American Eagle, or any other similar clothing stores, we will usually awe over all of the high priced clothing items that make our wallets cry out, begging us to go look in the sale section, or even better...a whole new store!

I love to look around in stores and see what they have, even if its not on sale! However, I find that its even more fun to find a great deal on a dress that used to be $70 and is not $17 (yes, this did happen!). You can find great great great deals in the sales sections of stores that you like just as much as the similar shirt that costs double the price! Score!!

Another great way to save a great clothes is going to yard sales...a lot of times they have designer clothes for only a quarter of the price you would pay at the store!

Gap also has some great prices in their sale sections...for kids, teens, and adults! Be sure to check them out!

Regular Gap has some great deals...however, the Gap outlet has even better!

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