Out of the Notebook and into the blog: I'm Switching.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm Switching.


Have you noticed that my blog's url has nothing to do with my blog? Teenfashiondesign.blogspot.com is the url address, while the blog is full of teen product reviews and other things that teens would like, it really isn't related to fashion design, right?

So, after some contemplation and waiting I have decided to switch my blogs url name. Everything on my blog will be the same, it will still show up in your blogger following list, in fact, nothing will change for you if your are following my blog either from the follow button or via RSS feed. However, if you have my blog bookmarked sadly, it won't show up anymore :(

I am planning on switching the url to:


Which one do you like better? Which one suits my blog better? Is one easier to remember than the other?

Also, after it switches, for everyone who has my button, it would be absolutely wonderful if you could switch the link! Thanks a million :)


  1. I think outofthenotebook.blogspot.com would fit your blog!

  2. Hi,
    I am following you from MBC :)

    Come check me out, and follow. I also have http://couponwahm.blogspot.com
    Come follow me there and I will follow back :)

  3. I like "out of the notebook" better. Love the cat picture. If that's your real cat, then I'm jealous. :)

    I left you an award on my blog

  4. I really like outofthenotebook.blogspot.com the best. :)


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