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Monday, November 9, 2009

Music on Blogs


I was wondering what your opinion is on blogs that have playlists?

Personally, I don't like it when I click on to a blog and they have loud and annoying rock music playing that doesn't allow you to concentrate enough to even read the blog posts. However, I LOVE Dear Lizzy's blog and she has a playlist that I really enjoy listening to when I go over to her blog. Its not crazy music....you can still read her posts while letting the music play. (BTW, DearLizzy's blog has great content as well)

So, does it affect your opinion of a blog if it has music? Do you like blogs with music sometimes, never, or always?

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  1. Yeah, I don't like crazy rock music playing on blogs either. I don't mind if they have instrument music or gentler music, but that crazy rock music is not for me either.


  2. I find music distracting when I try to read something. That's why I took the music off my own blog in case it might bother someone. If I come to a blog that has music I usually turn the player off so I can concentrate.

  3. I'm fine with music on blogs as long as it's not on autoplay. My computer loads really slow, so it ends up coming out in bits and pieces if I don't allow it time to load.


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