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Monday, November 30, 2009

Perfect way to get rid of that school related stress....

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Stress is something that is common in a teens life...between school, friends, family, and everyday drama, it is something we just can't avoid. However, one way to reel that stress in and be a more relaxed, put together, person is to learn yoga. Yoga isn't just for adults, it is benefiting for teens as well!

I purchased the kit, Yoga for Teens by Mary Kaye Chryssicas at Borders and have really enjoyed learning different yoga poses. The kit comes with 50 different cards with yoga poses, instructions, and other information. It also comes with a card stand so that you can have the cards standing up while you learn the pose!


Some of my favorite poses from the book would have to be the Dancers Pose, Cow face (somewhat tricky!), the yoga push up, the Crow, and the Eagle (notice a pattern here?). One of the trickiest ones for me is the Standing forward bend, if you look at the picture on the card, it is amazing!! I can hardly touch the ground with my hands in that position rather than be so far bent down that my arms are bent!

This is the Standing forward bend, I can not do it that good yet!

I had fun trying out some of the new poses and challenging my brother to see if he could do them as well, especially the crow and eagle! Those two poses are a lot of fun!

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  1. I've never done any yoga before, but this kit definitely looks interesting! Glad you enjoyed it. =)


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