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Monday, November 2, 2009

Review: Tamara Handbags

I have purses, some really cute purses. However, I was looking at some of my purses the other day and realized that many of them were from when I was younger, 9-12 years....and a lot of them are pretty worn out from being used so much and some of them are to small, and some of them just look like a little girls purse. I found a website called Tamara Handbags. I soon realized that they have some of the most adorable purses I ever saw! They aren't to big and bulky, and they are unique and come in adorable designs! Check out this adorable Andrea tote!

Adorable isn't it? That's not the only cute purse on Tamara's website though! am loving the Andrea Hobo!

I contacted Tamara Handbags and asked if they would like to be reviewed on my blog. They kindly sent me the Black Multi color Mandy Wristlet!

The wristlet looks even better in real life than it does on their website! You can either wear it as a wristlet, like in the picture, or you can switch the clip to the other side of the purse and it will look more like a small purse! I love the size, not to small, but just big enough to hold what you need! The colors go with a lot of things, and it is just simply cute! Ive used this purse quite a few times all ready and it has held up nicely! The only thing that I am a bit disappointed is that the snap seems a little bit cheap, but other than that, I am quite satisfied!

Looking for a new purse for yourself or a great holiday gift for someone else? Head on over to Tamara Handbags!


  1. Love the print on them!
    And the little heart detail is lovely <3

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I like the last one! It's really cute!
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  4. Those are very cute! Following your blog through MBC. Have a great weekend!



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