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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My favorite Store ~ A Birthday Story

I have declared that Downeast Basics is one of my newest favorite shops. Without the bloggy world, I may never have found it!

Yesterday was my birthday, ever since I was born, my Dad has given me a dress. I always have loved every single dress that he has given me, he has good taste I think :)

So when I opened up this lovely dress..

I was uber excited! It looks even better in person that it does in the picture! You would not believe how soft it is! And its 100% cotton!

Thanks pops, I love it!

Also, great chance to win something from Downeast Basics over at The Bragging Mommy!

BTW...don't forget to enter the great giveaway for the Miss Ruby Sue headband! No entries yet!


  1. Happy Birthday! *throws party*

  2. Wow gorgeous dress! Happy b-day mine is next week.

  3. i'm so thankful that you shared this shop! what beautiful items they have (what a dress that is!!!) and such amazing prices! i'm going to keep my eyes on this even though i'm pregnant right now. happy birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday! This dress is so pretty and summery, love the floral base.

  5. What a beautiful dress- and the shop is cute too. I am now following you and I've grabbed your button. Maybe you can come grab mine!

  6. That is a beautiful dress! Happy Birthday!

    By the way, you have a really cool blog header- what a neat picture!

  7. happy belated birthday! that dress looks gorgeous!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday...this is a super cute dress :) x

  9. Happy birthday! And your blog is looking fabulous!
    Wanna see you in those boots soon. And an apron. You definitely need a saddle pad... what would anthropologie do????


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