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Monday, February 22, 2010

Unique T-Shirts

I thought that I would share with you the great store, Cafe Press. Cafe Press is a great website to purchase customized t-shirts!

Looking around their website, I found a few shirts that I just love:

How big is yours? Light T-Shirt

My family are big campers. We always spend the Winter in Florida together (like retired people, only we are still young!). This shirt would be absolutely perfect for my Dad!

Knitter's Ringer T-shirt

This knitting t-shirt would be perfect for my Mom because she just loves to knit! Perfect gift!

Get Over It Hunter Jumper Horse Women's Cap Sleeve

I just love this shirt for me! Saving up for Jumping lessons! Women's Pink T-Shirt

They also have some great humor shirts, this one would be perfect for me! (Dressage is a type of horse riding)

Have you looked around CafePress before? Its a lot of fun just to see all of the great ideas that they have came up with for unique shirts! I found a lot that I would love! They also have some great Forums that you might be interested in looking at as well!

brought to your by your friends at Cafepress.com , all opinions expressed are of my own.

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