Out of the Notebook and into the blog: What do YOU want to see?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What do YOU want to see?

Picture by Cheska

I was just thinking...

...more wondering than thinking...

..When you come to Out of the Notebook and Into the Blog, what is it that you want to see?

Tips for Teens?
More DIY Projects?
Guest blogs by interesting people, for example, the girl that took the picture above is a Freshman!
Something else?

I want to know what you want to be reading, so that I can give you it! Please comment and let me know what you love and dislike about Out of the Notebook! Thanks!

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  1. hey. I'm just checking out your blog and think it's awesome. The choice of your images is really appealing and makes me look for more. So my first impression is very good :-) Glad I've found you (thanks to your lovely comment you left at my little blog). I like blogs that are various in its topics and posts. Me personally I very like DIY projects of all kinds.
    Hope this helped a bit. :-) Have a fabulous day!


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