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Monday, March 8, 2010

SodaStream ~ Delicious and Earth Friendly Soda!

Pure Machines

Right Now, I'm sure we can all agree that we need to start living a greener life.

The thing about living green, is that it is not only better for our environment, but it is healthier for us individually!

One of my favorite things is to find a product that is green, but seems like it is not!
Sodamix Variety 12 pack

For example, the Soda Stream.

The Soda Stream is a machine that lets you make your own soda in your own home! Who would have thought?

It is so simple, all you have to do is fill up the bottle (it comes with 2) with cold water, screw it on (by hand) to the machine, carbonate it by pulling the lever down, add your choice of drink, shake it up a little bit, and enjoy!!

You may be wondering, how does green come into play? Well, think, every time that you open a can of soda, once you are finished, you throw it away. Now, with the soda stream, you use the bottle over a hundred times and still won't need to throw it away! Plus, using water from your tap is healthier than water in bottles!

One thing to remember, that I had to get the hang of, with the Soda Stream, is to pull it down (not all at once) just until a loud BUZZ sound comes on. This means that your soda is carbonated. The first time that I used this, I didn't carbonate it enough, and the second time I used it, I over carbonated it (kept going after the buzz) and it blew up all over the place! It didn't take long though before I got the hang of it!

Now, for the soda...

You would not believe how much the soda tastes like real, out of the can, soda! It is amazing! The only flavor that I thought tasted a little bit different was the Orange, but otherwise, they were all wonderful! My favorite is the Grapefruit drink.

One other thing that I like with the Soda Steam is that they are healthier than canned soda. In fact, the diet mixes have NO carbs in them! You won't feel guilty drinking this soda!

I loved the soda stream and hope you do to!

Also note, you can buy them on Amazon for a great deal!

I did receive a soda stream to review and I also received different drink mixes to review. Even so, all opinions expressed are %100 mine!

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