Out of the Notebook and into the blog: only three weeks left...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

only three weeks left...

i hope that your heart’s always warm

Only 3 weeks left until schools out and Summer begins......

IMG_9220 copy2

And swimming in the lake with friends and our dogs begins....

We share a love for books…

And reading in the sun is a must...

And county fair begins! (Our merry ground isn't as beautiful as this one though - actually, we don't have a merry ground!) County fair is one of my favorite events of the year, we camp there for the entire week, showing my horse and participating in fashion revue - it is so much fun because every where you go almost all of your friends are there! It is crazy busy though and there are so many late nights and early mornings (preparing for the shows)!

The biggest thing that I'm going to miss this Summer is my horse Bailee, I won't be able to ride her because of a neurological disorder and am now riding a different horse; Skye. Skye is so sweet, but I still miss Bailee so much!

Do you have any big summer plans?

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  1. Reyna....I have a gift for you!


    Beautiful photos! Good luck with Skye!


  2. I am sure I will have a lot! We are probably going to go on some vacations! Which will be really fun. :) I will be entering Rambo's blog in 4-H! That will be fun!


  3. Is that Bailee or Skye?? I love Paints :-)

    You're lucky you only have three weeks of school left. I just started a drawing class last week -- one week down, seven to go!!

    Enjoy riding Skye :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  4. Love these pictures! Just found your blog and it is lovely! I'm off to get some balloons! : )

  5. I LOVE summer!! I love it when my bebes are home (even though my teenager will be going to some college courses this summer and then to Korea for a few weeks too) and my bebe boy is going to a summer program and to soccer camp and to vacation bible school - somewhere in there we're going to fit a family trip in (including my two older daughters and THEIR two kids each) to Niagara Falls! Summer can't get here fast enough!

    I'm following you from MBC and I entered your DownEast Basics giveaway!

    jewell330 at aim dot com

  6. Hi ApachesPrincess! Congrats, you won the Unison pillow giveaway on my blog! Email me at marcus_nancy@hotmail.com to let me know your address and CSN stores will send your prize. Thanks for entering!

  7. No plans here. Just relaxing! :)

  8. Fun photos! Sounds like you have a fantastic summer planned - Enjoy!

  9. it will be here before you know it. enjoy your week. :)

  10. Gorgeous photos btw...love the one of the 2 people reading. So dreamy :)!! Your plans sound great...I can't tell you how long it's been since I've gone horse-riding. That sounds wonderful.


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