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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sweeten Up your Day

Dreaming of spring

I love these warm days of summer! It's been so hot here for the past two days, and I've been riding so much! There was a horse show on Sunday which we got up at 4:00 AM for! It was my first time showing on Skye and she did pretty good! However, in the first English Pleasure class, the saddle slipped almost all the way of her side because of the Shine spray that we used for the Showmanship class! It was a great show overall though!

I thought that I would let you know about this great new Online Magazine called Sweet Paul, which is started by the owner of none other but the Sweet Paul blog! It is so packed full of inspiration - from cotton candy lemonade to ice cube bottles! I love the fresh feeling of it. The first issue of it is now out! I loved it!

Breakfeast by you.
Blooms by you.

Here is a link

Do you know of any great e-magazines? What do you think of them?


  1. i have to check the sweet paul e-mag out it sounds amazing! cute blog

    would love you to visit Passport Glamour & follow if you like!

    Anna Katrina

  2. Hey girl, thanks for stopping by my place and saying hey!
    This is a cute little e-mag, thanks for sharing!


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