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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Color Me Pretty

Do you write? Do you keep a diary or a journal or a book full of inspiring design pictures and quotes?

I love how when you write you can pour out everything that you can't say in real words. You can spill it all and won't worry about anyone critiquing you. And if you keep a design journal, it is so fun to look through all of your inspiring pictures and if you make a page to a certain mood, it feels so good to find just the right pictures or textures to use to suit how your feeling at the moment.

One thing that I love is beautiful journals. With back to school coming around the corner, its a perfect excuse to search for new ones!

Journal Lila
Lila journal

I love the vintage feel to this Lila journal, perfect for the girl that loves vintage a girly things. Inside it is filled with pretty vintage surprises - from magazine clippings to lace! Watch out for a giveaway coming up!


I love how simple this moleskin journal is. Perfect for someone that loves the rain!

Have you seen the tutorial to make your own moleskin journal? It works great!

Doily notebook

I really like this idea as well, take a simple composition notebook, cover it with scrapbook paper, cut a doily in half and add it to the front, and paint a few lines of white paint and write a saying over it! Adorable and quick!

Do you like to write? If so, what do you write in?

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  1. These diaries and journals are beautiful. I am looking for a nice one to jot ideas down for my blog and keep random notes/thoughts, clippings. Any suggestions?

  2. These are absolutely lovely! I always like to keep something handy to keep random thoughts in.

  3. i also love journals. i used to keep them and collect them and its so fun to go back and read them. But now with 2 kids and a house to run, it doesnt leave me free time to write in a separate space so i now have a Big binder i like to decorate the front and back of and add our daily and weekly tasks as well as some journaling and clippings of inspirational pictures or business cards of places we went. it's a combination of a journal, memory book and scrapbook all in one. love the journals u posted.


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