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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dream Catcher

Baohien Ngo

Dreams. They are fascinating things - full of mystery, creativity, beauty, sometimes horror, and mostly everything in between. Will we ever know the full truth behind them? Darlings, they are dreams, something that fills us all with wonder and thoughts after we wake up on what we were doing in that make believe world we just left.

"The thing about dreams is that they're true. I am a flower in the forest by the river waiting for you. I am a star in the sky by the sea, a teardrop in your eye, a word in your book. In my dreams I live in a teacup in your kitchen, you live in the seashell by my bed. We sing a duet with the moon as our song. At sunrise, I'll find myself speckled with purple lilac, you'll breathe the scent in with lips in a smile. One morning you understood the smell of flowers and walked away. You painted the walls into stone, the door faded into smoke and the windows turned to shadows. Darkness said you took the stars in your pocket. The thing about dreams is they're true. It's the middle of the night. I turn on the TV and see birds die. Those birds are lies."
Unicorn Dream magazine Issue 3

I have a dream catcher. My poppa bought it for me years ago when I was little when he went on a trip to Texas. It is pink. Dream catchers are supposed to capture the bad dreams and keep them at bay. I think it works, except for the few times one slips through the open spaces between the leathers. Dreams are a world of imagination, anything can happen, anything is real.

What are dreams to you?

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