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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Two imensley interesting education Holiday gifts

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It's December...and we all have those holiday gift exchanges to participate in, not to mention all of the gifts for friends and family members! In the past couple of days I have come across two educational/interesting/fun gift ideas that I am so excited about, plus they are perfect for both kids, young adults, and adults! I am so excited to share them with you!

First up...

Last night I watched "The Cove." This is a documentary on whats going on in Taji, it is stunningly horrendous, thousands upon thousands dolphins are getting killed and eaten. The meat is being packaged as whale meat, even though it is dolphin, and dolphin contains huge amounts of mercury in them which is not being told to the consumers that are thinking they are eating whale or the ones who know they are eating dolphin but think its healthy. The practice that is going on here is frightening.

I really feel like this is one of those movies that everyone needs to see, the word has to get out about this, it just has to stop! The more people that see it, the more people will want to help, and the better chance we'll have at stopping it.

On amazon you can buy it from $4.47 used or $5.49 new. This is perfect for a gift exchange because the price is so low! I'm planning on gifting many copies of this!

Next up, a little more light hearted!

I heard about this fabulous book this morning from respect love learning blog and am so excited about it I had to share!

"The book of General Ignorance" is perfect for all this facts that you always thought you new, but were actually completely wrong! It is packed full of interesting questions with the full true answers along with them! What do dolphins drink anyone? Who invented the telephone? Nope, not Graham Bell my friends!

I think this also would make just the perfect gift exchange book, or something to add on with another gift! It is a great learning book and interesting to any age!

Will you be buying "The Cove" or "The book of General Ignorance" for a gift this holiday?

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