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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Aurorae Yoga Mat Video

I made this yoga video today, I just loved the sun flowing in through my window by my vintage desk that used to be my Great Grandpa Carls - he is turning 102 this Friday! The crazy thing is, is that he is perfectly healthy, not a single health issue other than that he has dimensia! His favorite food is root bear floats (I inherited that love from him).

He also saved the day when he shot a bankrobber in the leg back in the "good'ol days."

Anyways back on topic...I love yoga, it is such a great thing to do, especially for flexibility, strength. I definitely encourage you to try it out! One thing to remember about it is that if you don't like it try a different type! There are so many different types of yoga, I really like doing Vinyasa for myself. Once I get more experienced, I would like to take a canoe yoga class, I think it would be a challenging change


The yoga mat that I use and love is the Aurorae yoga mat. It is thicker than a lot of yoga mats, and has raving reviews!

A resource that I always go to for new yoga pose ideas, is Fit Sugar. They have a lot of great articles and slideshows. And especially for everyone who feels like they ate a little to much ham for Christmas, here's a great sequence to tone your glutes!

Have you tried yoga?

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