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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Something New

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A while ago, I was reading a short little article on how "Twilight" books changes people. However, of course it does! Everything we do - everything we see - everything we come across and every experience that we experience, we are changed by it and effected in some way.

When I think of something that I've done in my life that has changed me, I think of a lot of little things, that when put together, makes something huge. One of these things that has changed me, I believe, is beginning to blog.

I began to blog two years ago, with my book blog. The whole experience really been quite experimental and I had fun trying it! However, I then began to focus on this blog, which developed into a fashion/design blog, and that's where things really became clearer and changes started happening. As I began to explore the blog world, I realized a whole different way of life. I was able to see things and gather ideas from sources that I never before new existed! I started reading blogs such as Sara Klassens, Sewing in No Mans Land, The Pioneer Woman, Twig and Thistle, and various Scandinavian blogs.

By reading these blogs, I began to find my style. My writing style. My fashion style. My life style. Even my music style! I have a huge love for indie/folk music now. I began to not care if other people didn't like what I wore because it was "different." Yesterday I wore my glitter oxfords from Urban Outfitters to a 4H meeting. Hahaha!

I also found myself being more creative, with fashion, with event planning, with sewing, and other endeavors. I also have found myself wanting to learn about different techniques that I never even considered before such as mixed media, and interior design.

I really believe that blogging has helped me become a more confident and creative person. What changes have you had in your life that have helped you?

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