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Friday, April 8, 2011

French Coop


I've been thinking about making a home for a few chickens to live out by our garden and horses. They are great to keep flies and ticks away, which abound in our land that's full of trees and right across the road from the lake.



Everything about this sweet chicken hut that was made by Heather Bullard is perfect. What lucky chickens! I love the Frenchy feel to it, and the great features that make it easier to collect eggs and for storage.


All of the little features to this Chicken house, show all of the thought and time put into the design of this chicken coop!

Over on Heather Bullards blog, she has directions as well as more pictures!

I think it's great that so many people have started to raise their own chickens, whether in rural areas or closer to the city's. Such a great way to bring more "natural" into your kitchen as well as getting out to enjoy nature.

Now, we can't forget the chickens...


I think the White Silkie Bantams are the cutest!

Do you have chickens?


  1. We saw some silkies yesterday. They are the cutest things!

  2. This is on my wishlist for sure. It is the perfect chicken condo. Thank you for sharing and for stopping by Daisies & Pearls.

  3. I had bantam chickens growing up and I loved them! It was such a great feeling going out in the morning to retrieve the eggs. When we get a house at some point, I want to raise chickens (they really are great for ticks!) again! And those chicken coops are the cutest! You should definitely get some.


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