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Friday, May 6, 2011

Glass Bottle Love

Glass bottles are stunning alone, but I find them even more beautiful when Johnny Miller puts his creative styling to them. Aren't these images stunning? With the light flooding through them and the colors that fit just right?

I am always on the search for glass bottles, in particular shades of blues and purples. Stunning! My Uncle has a lot of connections in the art industry and has a few friends that have loads of these bottles that he can get for a great price. Now...the trick is, getting him to spill on where exactly they are ;) He doesn't like giving out his secrets.

Are you looking forward to Mothers day? Any special plans?

Images and Styling: Johnny Miller


  1. The styling for the middle section is charming, like a caribbean vacation...where I wouldn't mind spending my Mother's Day!

  2. I got my wife a kind of crystal prism empty perfume bottle. I like those fancy bottles too. W.C.C.

  3. I absolutely adore glass bottles...these images are divine...lovely light :))

  4. What you think about Indian Glass Bottles?


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