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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rustic White

Image 1) Decor 8 Image 2) House and Home

Image 3) SFGirlBay Image 4) Apartment Therapy

5) The Lettered Cottage (love this soooo much!)

Lately I've been in a sort of dilemma. We live in a big log house and I have been wanting to repaint my room. Earthy tones - greens and plums - are always a good choice for a log home, but they weren't "me" enough for my room.

I love white walls but have been scared that the contrast between the dark wood and the whit walls would be too strong. However, I've been searching through different sources trying to find examples, and the more I see white with wood, the more I like it. I think I'm going to go for it!

Just picture it...white, ruffles, and light touches of teal. I'll be sure to show you the results!


  1. Im sure you'll do fine but if it is anything like the pix your place will be right out of Architectual Digest! W.C.C.

  2. These photos are gorgeous. S crisp and clean, yet so homey. Love that.

  3. I think it will look great! Love all of these images too...such refreshing spaces.


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