Out of the Notebook and into the blog: Bangs

Saturday, August 13, 2011




I love my bangs, I think they are just right for so many different faces! Right now, mine need a trim, which is the only downfall with bangs - is how fast they grow! And when your swimming, they end up all over the place. I really like my bangs however, and have been contemplating on getting my hair cut a bit shorter, such as in the first picture, but then again, I would like to grow it out as in the second picture! So many options! Right now it is right underneath my collarbone.

Whats your take on bangs?


  1. I love the first photo :)

    I don't have bangs, but my sister might get one soon! :D


  2. I don't have bangs, but I've been thinking about getting some. I'm hesitant about making such a commitment, although ultimately, I guess it's hair and will eventually grow out.


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