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Monday, November 14, 2011

I Have Loved you for a Thousand Years

The Hemingway Blossom Headband
The Hemingway Blossom Headband

Yes, I know that I just posted a song earlier today, but I couldn't resist sharing this one by Christina Perri with you tonight. With the Premiere of Breaking Dawn coming out today, it seemed so fitting. It is really a lovely and romantic song!

The funny thing about Twilight is that I have never read the books (and I love to read!) but I have watched the movies, and before watching the first one I was all ready to put it down and dislike it. I ended up liking it however, no, not as much as Harry Potter, but I did enjoy it. And I have to say that I do still have a hard time admitting to people that I like the Twilight movies and want to see Breaking Dawn. Haha, there is just so much judgement towards Twilight! I think everyone secretly enjoys the fight and the disagreement ;)

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