Out of the Notebook and into the blog: I have a Love/Hate Relationship with my Mascara

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I have a Love/Hate Relationship with my Mascara

So eyes are pretty important right?  They are pretty...long eye lashes, each one unique like a snowflake..blue, green, brown, I always thought purple eyes would be gorgeous myself!  Ok...so part of that is the mascara...and I have a major issue with mine.

Let me introduce you to...

And oh my goodness this stuff makes my eyelashes beautiful.  Like...va va va vooommm luxurious long, pretty eyelashes with like...3 swipes.  No clumpies, a really light and airy look.  I actually started using this lovely mascara because I had been using...this stuff...

And lets make a quick detour from my Pixi Mascara so I can tell you about this Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara.  This stuff comes off like a dream, really lovely...it wipes right off in little clumpy balls (sounds weird but it's seriously legit) and off!  It's really wonderful.  However...it doesn't make my eyelashes very pretty....it makes them really clumpy and I always feel like I have to brush them out, plus it makes them look super flat, which is so unflattering! 

Anyways...back to the Pixi Mascara.

As I said before, this stuff makes my eyelashes so pretty!  Adds length and no brushing out required!  However, after wearing it for the past week, my eyes, they hurt so badly.  The edges, like the little spot where you would add a cool vintage wing look with liquid eyeliner, stings like a bugger and feels like I've been crying for days.  You know - that really dry stingy feeling that makes you want to cry even more.  On top of that, when I try to wash my face at the end of the night, it is a war.  The mascara smears all across my face no matter how much makeup remover I use, and it just WILL NOT come off.  I scrub and scrub and my eyes hurt from all the scrubbing, and they still have black left in the morning AFTER my shower!

So...I am on a mission.  

I need to find a mascara that looks as pretty as the Pixi mascara looks, but removes as nicely as the Too Faced Lash Injection mascara.  

Let the challenge begin.  Wish me luck Pretties!

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