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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Places to Be: Nightmares Fear Factory

Every year our counties 4-H program hosts a haunted house.  I think some of my favorite moments of being in 4H happened here, putting together the house and carnival, and organizing it.  Being the county ambassador for many years, I always oversaw the progress and offered my input.  We had some good years, but I was never able to have a strong enough leverage (being a youth) to really implement mine and the other ambassadors visions.

I just recently found out about the Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagra Falls and oh my goodness, how I would love to go!  I think to truly scare someone you have to reach to an inner psychological level, you can't just have people pop out here and there, there must be a play on emotions and ones brain - and I definitely feel like Nightmares Fear Factory has accomplished this.

Plus - They take photos of everyone the moment that they get scared...so much better than rollercoaster snaps!

All photos courtesy of Nightmares Fear Factory

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