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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ivy League Back to College Must Haves

This post brought to you by Brita. All opinions are 100% mine.

This fall I am beginning my junior year of college as a transfer student at St. Thomas University in St. Paul Minnesota.  Deciding on St. Thomas was a major decision because I was really leaning towards going to college out of state, Colorado State University or Arizona State.  St Thomas offered me a better scholarship, and their business program is amazing, swaying me to attend this great University!  

There are three weeks left before I move into my apartment and 4 before college starts!  I am still super nervous that I made the wrong choice on college (Minnesota winters? Get me out!), but I think in the end I will be happy!  

In all seriousness though, college shopping is the best part about the month leading up to the first day!  I love starting the semester off in cute but classy end of summer styles.  

I don't like to start the school year wearing the classic autumn staples.  Avoid the tights and boots a little bit longer and hold on to the last days of summer with pretty sundresses, light colors, and a sweet pair of Sperry tennis shoes! It will help you stand out the first few days of college (where it really counts!) and attract good attention! 

Going back to my little Ivy League back to college shopping wish list, these are some of my favorite back to college must haves!

1)  I am in love with these Sperry tennis shoes.  I love that they aren't your "fad" Sperry's that every girl has, but rather something unique, versatile, easy to slip on and adorable with a cute dress, shorts, or pants.  

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3)  This dress is the epitome of end of summer perfection.  Swoon. 

4)  Lean in by Cheryl Sandberg is a must have for any college girl.  One of my favorites and SUCH an inspiration to defy gender roles (I promise it's not all raging feminist, as if that's a bad thing anyways) 

5)  isn't he handsome?!  Yes please.  

6)  Brita® water bottles.  A must have for me at college!  I need a water bottle with me all the time between running around from classes to ballet, to work, it is so important to have a water bottle that that is safe and BPA free!  I love the Brita® water bottles!   Also, fun fact, one of the reasons Ballerina's stay looking so young is because they drink so much water!  How's that for a good reason to drink like a fish and keep a water bottle with you all the time?! 


  1. I like the Brita hardsided bottles.

  2. I noticed, too, that Sperry's seem to be the fad right now. Those are such cute shoes pictured above!

  3. He is a cutie! :-) I really like the planner you mentioned, I'd love to get one for myself! Thanks for sharing. jj250@aol.com

  4. Love the idea of holding on to summer just a little longer, even tho school has started.

  5. I love the Sperry tennis shoes. So comfy and you can wear them with so many different outfits. Great for back to school.

  6. I love keeping with summer clothes for as long as possible. And the Brita water bottle is perfect for between classes. I usually carry one with me as well.

  7. You have to make Summer last s as long as possible, I am in no hurry for the cold weather . Love the Sperry's, they can go just about with anything.

  8. ivy league is correct because college students dress way down these days

  9. that dress is awesome. and I like sperrys too, not on myself but I think they look great on others.

  10. I like the Sperry tennis shoes too

  11. I love those Sperry's! I've never seen them before but would love to have a pair.

  12. Sperry tennis shoes are a great basic item for college these days


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