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Friday, November 21, 2014

My New Favorite Thing #Procrastination


2 weeks left of college, 4 exams, all finals, left.  I have management cases, accounting essay's and micro econ essay's due.  

Don't say your not the same way, unless your crazy smart and already know everything in your classes, it's stressful.

  In my Theology class today, we had a guest speaker talking about how at the University of St. Thomas, research has shown that students are wayyyy more stressed out at our University that the national average.  This makes sense, there is so much pressure.  The class sizes are small - around 30 students, in my business class there is a requirement that only 22% of the class will receive an A.  

It's competitive, you have to be the best in terms of everything (education, well roundedness, even appearance) to stand out and be considered someone on the track to success.

However, sometimes it's ok to take a break. To say "whatever" and save it for later.  Right now, in my "whatever" time, I have been listening to "Serial" it's a Podcast (you can download it in on iTunes).  It's really popular right now, millions have been listening to it.  Basically, it breaks down a crime case, week by week, every detail, picking at it and wondering if things where done correctly or not.  Was Anon actually guilty for his ex-girlfriends murder?  Or is he not?  Watch it if your at all interested in law or crime cases, you will thank me.  

What do you do when you aren't dong homework or whatever else you're supposed to be doing?

And maybe, it's the things we do when we are procrastination, that are actually the things that we really be doing…

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