Out of the Notebook and into the blog: Aurorae Yoga Mat Review + Giveaway!!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Aurorae Yoga Mat Review + Giveaway!!

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How do we get more Zen in our life?  Lately I've been overwhelmingly busy, which makes the little bit of "zen" I get in my day an absolutely amazing moment that feels better anything else!

The thing is, is that I don't want to live my life like everyone else.

I don't want to be worried about money all the time.  Where to be next.  What's for dinner.  What's am I missing on my planner.

Sometimes though, in the pursuit of making a difference in the world and becoming the best I can be, the worry seeps in and fills me up, as I'm sure you can relate to.  But then, i get home at the end of the night and i remember…I'm just a being in this world, the world will happen and revolve, I can relax.

At the end of my long day's, I'll light three candles, dim the lights, and just relax.  Aurorae's new Spa Candles are heaven.  After a few minutes of lighting the Eucalyptus candle I was feeling relaxed and in complete stress-fee zone.  This is rare…I wake up at 6 am and there isn't a pause in my day until I get home at 10pm.  This candle makes me say "goodbye" to Monday (oh wait everyday feels like monday!) stress and hello to "zen."

I also try hard to fit yoga into my weekly schedule.  I purchased a Core-power unlimited membership -  if you do this FORCE yourself to go!  Put it on the calendar - make it non-negotiable.  It's been amazing.  I've been using the Aurorae Impressions Yoga mat lately and have loved it. They come with a small chalk pack which is fabulous to put on your hands and feet and on your mat before a hot yoga or any CorePower class.  The grip is fantastic and even when I forget my chalk or towel, I somehow manage to be ok without slipping and sliding around.

I'd love for you to give the Aurorae Impressions Yoga Mat and Aurorae generously offered one for me to giveaway!

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*While Aurorae did sponsor this post and giveaway, I have been an avid user/fan/lover of Aurorae since my yoga practice began 4 years ago!  I have never used a different mat!  


  1. I relax by making a cup of tea and getting into a good book!

    - Judith

  2. I really like the stretches for the workplace on the Aurorae blog!

    - Judith

  3. Also I follow on Pinterest (jrontal)

  4. I like to go to quiet room, and just relax and meditate.

  5. I follow you on pinterest and instagram usernameon both: sweetangela26


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