Out of the Notebook and into the blog: Riding and Blogging

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Riding and Blogging

Picture of us yesterday

I am an avid blogger, as you most know, but I am also an even more avid rider! In fact, I have a 4 year old Tennessee Walking horse who my dad and I trained together. She is a little stinker! Yesterday when I was riding, she decided to buck me - twice. Thats only because she can't stand her western saddle though. I usually ride her English which we both love!!

I am planning on starting reviews and posting more about horses and my horse. And of course, that will be along with my regular reviews and memes!

How many of you love horses, have horses, or ride?


  1. Great photo! I love horses! I've never really rode before (except when I was younger), but one of my neighbors used to own horses. They are gorgeous animals! :)

  2. Nice photo Reyna! It is very cute!! I love horses! Although, I don't have one, but I do have a pig-- I can't ride him though! Hee Hee! Keep up the good work on here!


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