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Friday, October 23, 2009

Baby Kitties So Cute!

On the way to 4-H Monday night, we were driving down the driveway when we saw two little kitties in the woods along the driveaway. We stopped, but they ran away into the woods. Later, when we came home from 4-H, they were still sitting in the driveaway! So, we stopped again and Adam (my brother) and I hopped out of the car and called them, they came running up to us! How sweet :)

So, we now have a new edition to the family! We weren't sure if maybe their Mom lost them and was looking for them, so yesterday we put the kitties in their kennel were we found them for a few hours, but their momma still didn't claim them. Today, we decided to try one more time, so I brought them down and was going to put their kennel with them in the meadow this time rather than closer to the woods. However, I didn't get to far because they came chasing after me whenever I tried to leave! Looks like these little sweeties are here for good :)

I'm thinking about naming the little girl in the first picture (the calico) Trixie, but we need to come up with a name for the caramel and white kitten! Any suggestions?


  1. When you mentioned caramel and white I automatically remembered these candies I ate ss a kid that we called CHU-EES:

    So my vote is Chu-ee, however silly it sounds. :D

  2. Hello! Those kitties are so cute!!!! Maybe you could name her Buttercup? :)


  3. Stopping by from MBC. OK, those have to be the two cutest kitties EVER! Too bad my hubby is allergic.

  4. So adorable! Caramel one should be named Patch. :3 Sounds so cute!

  5. The baby kitties are adorable!



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