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Thursday, October 22, 2009


Picture from Amy Atlas

I am our 4-H club secretary and one of the jobs of being the secretary is to create the club scrapbook to be entered in the county fair. In the scrapbook are loads of pictures of activities that our club has participated in and pictures of the kids doing them. Well, one of the "fun" things we did this year was to make cupcakes. We got 3 absolutely adorable closeup pictures of 3 different kids frosting them. I had a piece of very cute scrapbook paper that was of cupcake frosting with sprinkles on it. It didn't take me long to figure out what I was going to make out of this page. I put the three pictures on the page kind of crooked with the first one being in the farther up-right corner, the next one being in the middle left corner, and the last in the bottom right corner. In between the pictures, I put the words: "Yummy" next to the first picture, "Nummy" next to the second picture and "Cupcakes!" next to the last picture. The page turned out adorable! In fact, it was one of my favorites in the book.

Now, one of the other duties of the club secretary is to create a book with a report of all of the meeting minutes throughout the year, along with other records. One of the last thing that needs to be included in the Secretary's Book are pictures throughout the year. Usually I just put a bunch of pictures into Microsoft, printed them, and stuck them in the book (I've been secretary for a few years now) however, this year I decided to be eco friendly (plus it was cuter!) and take out a few of the pages from the club scrapbook and use those instead. One of the pages I took out was the cupcake page that I talked about before. I was showing the secretary's book to my friend Amanda at the club meeting on Monday night, and when we got to the cupcake page she thought it was cute, but then she was like "Nummy? I've never heard of that word before." So crazy!! I hadn't even thought twice while making the page that "Nummy" might not be a word!! It just popped into my head and I put it in.

So, have you heard of "Nummy" before? Or was I really truly making words up? Let me know!!

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