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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How am I giving back this Christmas?

Two years ago a friend and I had a dream...

....The dream was to knit enough baby and preemie hats to keep all of the newborns in local hospitals warm this Winter. Our dream began to evolve into something so much more. Monthly knitting lessons began, we taught other girls how to knit baby hats on the knifty knitter, teaching them not only how to knit, but to explore there creativity. Soon enough, we had started a wonderful charity which was called "Hats of Love." The first Christmas our six girls, some under the age of 13 and some parents, we had knitted close to 200 baby hats to donate to our local hospital. This all started from two girls who had a dream to help out.

Every year we are expanding. In fact, we have branched out to two different organizations in two different counties. Our long term goal? To make baby hats for babies in developing countries. Our short term goal meant to be filled by this Christmas? 300 baby hats for the Childrens Hospital in the city. You see, the holiday's aren't just for getting - they are for giving as well.

Tell how you are giving this Christmas and be entered to win here!
In fact, every pair of soft soles purchase you make from Robeez through December 23rd - they will donate a pair to K.I.D.S! My favorite are these!

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  1. That's awesome! Go you!

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