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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Unique Christmas Trees

Tis the season for Christmas Trees! There are so many unique ideas and I have seen a few trees that have swayed from the traditional path, but still look lovely! Take a peek:

Pink Christmas Tree

I will admit - I usually think pink Christmas trees are somewhat cheesy, however, for some reason it "works" nicely in this room! From Making it Lovely

Why not a Christmas Tree out of ornaments? Found via automatism

A stick tree instead of a traditional Christmas tree! Again, it really works for this room! And it is very unique! The next picture is a view of it during night:

See it reflecting on the ceiling? This tree is from Made By Girl

This is lovely....

A very green and original Christmas tree! Plus - I love the purple! LotusHaus Blog

Which tree is your favorite? I think the stick tree might be mine!


  1. I like the branches a lot..., the pink is fun, but I probably will never have a pink tree. Happy Holidays!

  2. I like the stick tree too. The pink tree does work very well in that room!

  3. I love the pink tree. It's so kitschy! Now following from MBC. Love this cute blog! How did you get the snow to flow through it. Adorable.

  4. The pink tree does work very well in that room!

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