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Friday, January 1, 2010

My little idea

I am working on something, that I am excited to share with you guys hopefully soon. However, I am having a little bit of a difficult time deciding on colors! So, I decided to look at a few inspiration blogs, and here is what I have found:

Interior designs are a great place to look for color inspiration:

Kristen Hutchins Design
I found these two via Decor8 and Kristen Hutchins is the designer

Being a horse lover - I think these pictures are so pretty! I really like the colors of brown + green + the blazing color of sun! And then in the second picture with the brown + blazing color of the sun + cream/white! Which one is your favorite? I found this pics via Daydream Lily and the artist is Barbara Vidal

So green, but then the pop of pink just makes the picture!! I also found this one on Daydream Lily and the photography was done by Mushroom95.

I think that this picture has a lot of color inspiration in it! Pretty as a Picnic via Daydream Lily

Gloves for Foxes

Don't you just love the cranberry/purplish colors in this picture??
The Lost Princess

Moss Garden

Green with a li'l bit of red!
The Lost Princess

And one more from The Lost Princess!


So, which inspiration is your favorite? What colors strike you the most?

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  1. I like the girl sitting on the horse. I like brown and the blazing sun too!


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