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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Always Jump in the Puddles!


Its been a rainy out, so I thought it would be the perfect time to share the fabulous Wedge Wellies.

I received the adorable black and white giraffe boots to review.

They might seem like the average rain boot at first. However, once you take a second look, you will find that they have a little wedge heel on them (hence the "wedge" in the name!). At first, I wasn't sure how it would feel, having a little elevation on my rubber boot while I am mucking around in my horses pasture, scooping manure and going through puddles for training with her. However, I was surprised to find that they were very comfortable! I did find that every now and then, if the footing is really bad, your heel kind of slides down since they are rubber and wedges, but not very badly.

Wild Thing
Image from blog

I was really looking forward to getting these because my previous pair had just gotten a hole in them, so they leaked. My new wedge wellies up held today's rain and mud without leaking at all, which I was very happy with! Its going to be so nice going through puddles without worrying about getting my feet wet!

Giraffe Glamour WedgeWelly's free delivery

After I opened up the package, I slipped them on instead of regular shoes and wore them into McDonalds, Ha! I had to test them out! They work just as good in McDonalds as they do in the barn - you just might get a few funny glances!

One thing to remember when buying your boots is to order a size smaller than what you normally wear. I usually wear a 9 or a 9.5 and I ordered a size 8 and they fit great!

I know that this summer, I will be styling at the county fair and horse shows in my zebra wedge wellies!


  1. I bought my sister barn boots for her birthday, but these are actually CUTE! Darn! They definitely make for some stylish puddle jumping. : )

  2. I have Hunter boots and love them! I wish it would rain more :) hehe.


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