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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer Reading List for Teens

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I have a theory.

I will often ask this question to my friends and here how it usually goes...

Me: "Do you like to read?"
Friend: "No!"

So my theory is that its because of the books that teachers make their students in High School read. "The Lord of the Flies?" "Animal Farm?" "The Devils Arithmetic?" These are all great books (I loved "The Devils Arithmetic," it's a great book with a neat perspective on the Holocaust), but for teens who don't really read any books that they don't have to for school, it kind of gives them a bad idea on what ALL books are like - they don't realize that there are hundreds of amazing Young Adult books that aren't like the ones they read in school at all!

Just a few of my friends in high school and college like to read - Caylee, Jade, Caitlyn, and Lyndsey!

For the teens that like to read - and for the ones that don't - here is a list of some of the Young Adult books that I have LOVED!

This is one of my favorite books. I hardly ever read books over, but I've read this one twice and am looking forward to my third time! It is a great summer read as it is on the beach, has Celtic mystery in it, with a dash of romance. It is just....well, read it and you will know!

This is the other book that I have loved and read over and over again - three times now. It was actually a coincidence that I own it now - I rented it from the library in FL and was reading by the pool, and oops, it got damaged :( however, it all worked out in the end since I've read it and LOVE it! It is a great book about the story of a girl who becomes a model. it really makes you realize how much these girls go through just to follow their dreams.

Every teen - even girls who don't like to read - should read at least the first book in the "Private" series by Kate Brian. These books are extremely addicting! They are quick reads which make them perfect for reading on the beach, but they have enough mystery and crazyiness to make them interesting and not like the many other boarding school books.

"After" by Amy Efaw is perfect for a rainy day. It is a heartbreaking story of a teen girl who isn't sure what to do with her baby girl and ends up choosing the wrong choice and in result her life becomes a mess as her life is thrown in front of her.

What are your favorite summer reads?


  1. Hi Reyna!

    That "Private" book looks good! :) I have actually read two of those books you mentioned in school, I have read: The lord of the flies, and the Devil's arithmatic. One of my favorite books I like to read is "The Secret Garden." :)


  2. Hello,

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    Thanks, Tracey

  3. sigh, love the photo- and i'm currently on the hunt for a good summer read!

  4. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog today. It is always lovely to meet new bloggers. Have a great weekend! xo

  5. My 14y/o daughter likes to read, but the books the teachers choose for their summer reading assignment are really bad & boring.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. BTW, my 2 daughters don't use most of the text slang either, but a lot of teens do.

  6. I didn't realize that I loved to read until after high school! And I love anything Meg Cabot. I enjoyed the Princess Diaries series, but my favorite is the Size 12 is Not Fat series! I like the Sisterhood of the Traveling pants books, too.


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