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Friday, June 4, 2010

A Dress for the Seals

Stop The Seal Hunt Evening Gown

My family has been talking about how terrible the oil spill has been. We usually travel to FL during the Winter, but with the oil spill it looks like that won't be happening! The worst part of the oil spill is what its doings to the environment and animals; have you seen the pictures of sea life drenched in oil? It makes your heart feel queasy.



This dress, from Etsy store, HealingHeart, felt suitable to feature with the oil spill happening! It dosen't relate directly to the oil spill, but it is standing up for the wildlife - Seals, and I thought it was so unique, I had to share it with you!

Stop The Seal Hunt Evening GownStop The Seal Hunt Evening Gown

Can you imagine gallivanting around in this at a party? Or for a daring teen - Prom!? How fun would that be?

Where would you wear this dress?


  1. Anything that stands up for our wildlife is great in my book. Cool pic's.xxxx DJ

  2. The oil spill breaks my heart for the Americans that are unable to work because of it and the wildlife that is suffering and dying and because it. Relief is not coming fast enough.

    The bird and turtle images are very sad, but I think people need to see them.

    I really like your blog and thank you for the sweet comment that you left on mine about my wedding. I’m following you now!


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