Out of the Notebook and into the blog: Wildflower Picking outfit Inspiration + {How to do yourself}

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wildflower Picking outfit Inspiration + {How to do yourself}

Contra Dance Skirt

One of my favorite online stores is ModCloth. Have you heard of it? It is full of beautiful clothing that looks vintage like. I was also impressed when I learned that the person that founded ModCloth, Susan, did it with the help of her boyfriend when she was only 17!

I also LOVE Ruche. Ruche is another online store that has a vintage feel to its clothing. The shoes are from Ruche!

These pieces from ModCloth reminded me of Wildflowers.

Contra Dance SkirtGraham Cracker ClocheRestricted "Scrabble" Oxfords in redBud Romance Tank

Contra Dance Skirt
Bud Romance Shirt
Grahm Cracker Cloche
Restricted Scrabble Oxfords

ModCloth prices can get expensive, and Ruche's can be as well. The solution? Make your own!

Find stiffer vintage/vintage looking material and use this tutorial to make a pleated skirt for yourself! You could also find a old vintage dress or skirt from a thrift store to use for the material!

Find a looser tank top, such as this one, make bunches of flowers - different types and in different colors! There are so many tutorials for flowers you can find online!

Making the key pieces can really help out with the costs, plus, you will be able to say "I made it!" when someone says they like it!

~Check back next Wednesday for another {Inspired then Created} feature!~


  1. Those are great ideas and inpiration! I love the roses tank. Too sweet. Thanks for all the great links.

  2. these are great DIY ideas! love that top so much!

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  3. LOVING that skirt!! SO CUTE!!
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    Happy Friday!

    Shopper Gal

  4. i love your blog!! and your name especially :)
    love the first picture :)
    thanks for your sweet comment btw! :)

  5. Nice skirt! The Greek army wears one that's frillier, however. Skirts as a sex difference? Forget it!


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