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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Favorite Skin Care Products For Teens

Being a teen can be hard on your skin - acne and break outs pop out of know where. Here are some of my favorite products that actually work!

Image: Cherry Blossom Girl

Tip: I've found that using department store pimple products almost never work.

{Products ~ order of favorite first}

I love Votre Vu! It is soft, creamy, smells great, and uses so many natural products that you can't find in department stores products. Plus, Votre Vu is a real French product. I've been using the Sensitive line and it works practically overnight!

Skin Free is a close second! I love their products, which are also natural. Skin Free also seems to work overnight and the results are great! It seems to really prevent acne and gives a nice glow to your face. I use the Niaouli Scrub for Blemish Prone Skin and then right afterward I put on on the Lite Moisture for Blemish prone skin and it works wonderfully!
Good for you Girls - Naturally Good SKin Care for Girls

Good for you Girls is also a great product! Another one that you can see it working overnight! Good for you Girls is another natural product and is made especially for tween and teen girls. It really seems to help get rid of acne. I use the Complete Kit and it works great, the only thing about it is it takes longer to put on because there are 3 things to put on in a row.

{Products I wouldn't suggest}

Melaleuca acne products. These seem to have worked after I used them for a few weeks, however, my skin got completely dried out and started peeling, and it took about probably 3 months and Skin Free moisturizer before it was back to normal! This is for sure not my favorite product!

Columbina Gold 1/2 Macram� Crackle Stick
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  2. lovely blog!!thanks for sharing!

  3. ahh. dosent every teenager wish they could go through their teens and have perfect skin all the way through? and then of course there are those lucky ones that have barely ANY trouble with their skin.
    thanks for sharing your finds!

    And thanks for the comment! i do love the water ones, its really cool to see ballet mixed in with the beauty of water.

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  6. Hi - this is Traci, Brand Ambassador for Votre Vu. It makes me so very happy to hear that you are finding great results with our products! Did you get a chance to try Au Revoir? It's an overnight spot treatment for acne that works wonders too. Me and my daughters love that it reduces redness and inflammation without over drying so you can still cover the nasty in the morning.


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