Out of the Notebook and into the blog: Winter coats are coming out!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Winter coats are coming out!

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It's fall - autumn - back to school, leaves are starting to change colors and pretty soon everybody will be raking them up into piles and sighing and laughing at the same time as their kiddos make them fly everywhere!

With fall comes winter jackets, why not find a cute coat to wear that nobody else has? Here are some of my favorites.

Pollyanna Coat

In the Navy Dress

Is this not the most adorable coat?! I think the big bow makes it. I would buy this so fast if yellowish mustard was a good color on me! I also imagine the In the Navy Dress to go perfectly underneath the coat!

Forest for the Trees Jacket in Plum

I love this jacket from Modcloth because it is more casual. Its perfect for a stroll in the park, or just throwing on with a pair of jeans!

Everybody needs a cute black wool jacket! I have actually owned this one for a year and just love it! It fits fabulously and keeps you warm. Plus its adorable! Super cute with red accents as well (scarf or a red dress underneath!)

What is your favorite place to shop for a autumn/winter coat?


  1. Im a huge jacket collector! I love & will buy just about any type of pea coat. I have a few I've never even worn, living in CA sorta sucks for someone who loves coats haha.

    I dont have any store in particular that I shop at but have found that Target, Old Navy & Burlington Coat Factory always have really nice looking jackets/coats for a really great price.

  2. I've awarded you with a blog award! (:


  3. love the first one with the big purple bow! :)

    Monica xx

  4. is that you on the 1st photo?anyway, love your collections, especially the cute black wool jacket! i also have this. It fits fabulously and keeps you warm.

  5. can't wait for your new design coats.


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