Out of the Notebook and into the blog: Theres never to much salt.....

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Theres never to much salt.....

Oh yes there is.


And I'm not talking about this kind of salt.....


All my life, I have never really eaten salt in any of my foods. When family comes to visit their always asking where the salt is, and often the answer is "I honestly have no idea!"

However...making chocolate chip cookies with my friend Veronica pretty much stocked me with salt for the rest of the life.

2 eggs, a couple cups of flour, I threw them all in feeling like a pro while Veronica was mixing, then it came to the salt, I put 3 tablespoons of salt in it, instead of 3 teaspoons. Don't tell anyone - I'd like people to think that the recipe read for 3 tablespoons, actually, maybe it did, I think I'll check next time I go over. I'm thinking that's whishful thinking though.

Anyways, I was going along my dandy ways and Veronica takes a scoop of batter and eats it, she gets this look on her face and says "Its a bit salty," there there was just a tad bit too much salt in it, rather than an overload. I take a bite.....

....."OHHHHHH, those things are salty!!!"

......Feeling bad for ruining the cookies.....

"Maybe they won't taste so bad after we bake them?"

So, we baked the cookies, and out the oven they came.

"Hmmm, not to bad, still salty, but ok."

They were pretty salty if you ask me. Not as bad as the batter though. We had cookies, loads of salty cookies. Oh, and then we burnt the extra big cookie we made. "Sigh."

Good part of the story? Veronica's mom, not knowing that they had a salt overdose, thought they were good when she ate one after she got home from work. However, for some reason, she wouldn't go so far as saying they were perfect. Wonder why?

Maybe next time I'll stick with Monster cookies - and I'll skip the salt completely.

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