Out of the Notebook and into the blog: How blog designs change from Niche to Niche

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How blog designs change from Niche to Niche

Its high school. Every table has a different clique - the drama clique, the popular table, the band group, the tennis table, and then there's always the few that are friends with everyone so they migrate day to day. Anyways, you always know which group is which by how the distinguish themselves - what they wear, what they're talking about, they're facial expressions, even what they eat.

At least that's how I'm guessing it is anyways? I've actually never eaten in a high school cafeteria - I'm home schooled. If its not like that, lets pretend! It seems like just how in school cafeteria's everyone is divided up in their own cliques and they are easy to tell apart, is how it is in the bloggy world.

First a young adult book blog.

Now a teen product review blog.

Even more recently, spreading design and fashion into my teen product review blog (I'm still confused about this)

Blog to blog to blog genre change, I've noticed that different niches do have such different designs and layouts. You have the young adult book blogs, largely made up of teens, who have nice headers, and in almost every design that is more professional looking, they will detached left and right columns. Here's an example.

And for Mommy blogs, I've noticed that since most of the blog owners, are, well, moms, that they will often had purchase for a professional paid design, often using graphics consisting of a frazzled mom, a happy mom, or any other situation a mom could be in! My favorite Mommy blog design.

Now, the design blog designs! Interior design, design inspiration, cake decorating, letterpress, wedding, anything related to design. If you go to a blog that is design related and has been around for a while longer, you will be amazed. The blog design seems to portray so well that the writer of the blog really knows what she's talking about design why's. I'm going to have to shower you with more than one example here....

Oh hello Friend - Can you believe she says she doesn't know anything about blog design? She designed her entire blog by herself. Incredible.

Daydream Lily - I love the soft but simple glow to this blog.

Eat Drink Chic - I love how fun and simple this design is!

What is your favorite blog design?

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  1. I love blog designs that are easy on the eyes! One of my favorites is booknerds.net


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