Out of the Notebook and into the blog: 5 Simple Layering Tips for this Winter!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

5 Simple Layering Tips for this Winter!


I have always loved to layer my clothes. However, I don't like over layering - when your wearing 3 different colors of tank taps, one t-shirt, and a blazer on top of thought, I think it just gets claustrophobic! Even so, here are some of my favorite layering tips, perfect to keep you cozy and warm this Winter during the holiday season!

1. Non traditional - this is one that you might not have thought of as a layering technique, in fact, you might not have thought of it at all! I love wearing a pair of tights are leggings under a pair of shorts, especially in cooler weather! This is a great layering technique because it keeps you warm, however, it looks fun and when paired with a loose top, it can be the perfect outfit for a day out!

2. Strapless dress and long sleeved shirt - I love this layering technique! Find a fun printed dress (I love lots of vintage flowers!) that's strapless, and wear a long sleeve solid shirt underneath of it. Another option is to wear a fancier looking solid colored strapless dress and wear a funky long sleeved shirt underneath to make it more casual. Pair with a fun flower belt and a bright pair of tights and your ready to conquer the day!

3. Cool nights at the beach - That is what this look says to me. Pairing a breezy white long sleeve shirt underneath a flowy tank top just screams casual and fun! It's perfect for a cool day, and your able to get extra wear out of your favorite Summer tank tops!

4. During the State Fair Fashion Revue this year, two ladies came and did a demonstration on looking professional and dressing to suit your qualities. One thing that they mentioned is that you instantly up your professional look by layering with a simple tank top under what your already wearing. If your wearing a somewhat breezy, loose, top, add a solid white tank top underneath of it, and watch how you instantly look more professional!

Outfits - Anthropologie

5. Another use for those summer tank tops - I love to wear a pretty tank top with a simple solid colored cardigan from Old Navy. This is perfect to create a quick look that is pretty and simple at the same time!

These are some of my favorite layering techniques that I have used and love! I hope you find some of them helpful!

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  1. Just popping out of the woodwork to say that I enjoy your blog. Great tips on layering.


  2. *LOVE* wow this is exactly the kind of thing that I need to hear (My fashio sense is atrocious at best)
    And I really appreciate the easy to follow steps.

    Gonna try them out.

    As much love as I can give - Clarissa

  3. i love layering clothes too.!:) but i usually use just two color for layering though..:))


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