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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

5 Photo Editing Tips

Photo: Taken and edited by myself

After buying a Olympus E-410 camera last year, I have devoured as many tutorials on taking beautiful pictures, aperture, exposure, and of course, photoshop tutorials! I was thrilled last Christmas when I received Photoshop Elements and it has been a key tool to my photos since! It really is an important program to have if you want to create professional quality images, or if you just want to stretch your imagination! However, it takes a lot of practice, here are 5 photo editing tips to get you started!

1. Read tutorials. Find as many tutorials on what your looking to do and read read read! You will learn so much, and there are so many different ones out there! Pioneer Woman's tutorial on eye popping is very helpful, and in the picture that I took above, I used a tutorial about adding a little glitter to your image. If your not sure were to look for tutorials, start with Google! It has endless information.

Photo: Taken and edited by myself

2. Always remember to create another layer before you begin if your using PSE. Don't start editing before you do this! Each new editing step you do, you'll want a new layer, because you can delete that on piece if you don't like it, but you won't need to start over because everything else will be there in different layers!

3. While your editing, as soon as you get done with a step, switch back to your background layer to make sure your not overdoing it. This will help you determine if your sharpened eyes are starting to look like alien eyes rather than human eyes!

4. Talking about cyber eyes....be sure you don't over do it with the sharpening! It is very easy to get carried away with sharpening eyes, however, the result looks unprofessional. Compare photos in Google to find oversharpened eyes to professional eyes with a bit of a sparkle to them, go for the professional look!

5. Try new things! Are you always creating beautiful vintage inspired images in PSE? Maybe it's time for you to try a color pop technique! You never know, you might just love it even more than your vintage processing at start using that as your basis!

Photoshop takes a lot of time to learn even just the basics! I've been using it for almost a year and I still have so much to learn! There are always new techniques to be discovered, colors to be played with, and creativity to add! You can do so much with PSE or regular Photoshop, it has really changed professional photography into what we know it today!

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