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Monday, November 1, 2010

Make Me Smile

I remember as a little girl always wishing and hoping for braces, and then one day I went to the Dentist and he told my Mom that I need braces! It made my day! My teeth were so bad (partially from sucking my thumb for years) it was hard to bite things at times, I needed braces for two years.

When you start braces when you are only 11 or 12, you look forward to having them, most of the time. However, if you start your braces when you are older, usually 15+, and when kids usually have already had theirs, you might feel self conscious. When my friend had her braces on, she mastered the close mouthed smile. Make Me Smile by Invisalign is here to change that though!

The Make Me Smile program is here to make teens smile! There are three challenges, currently they are on the third challenge and want you to participate! Your mission is to create a video in 30 seconds using a clever prop and to make people smile. Each challenge is judged and even has special Star guest judges, this months are Booboo Stewart and Fivel Stewart!

Are you wondering what's in it for you? Other than showing those pearly whites? Well, the person with that is the Grand Prize winner will win The Ultimate Hollywood Experience!


Airfare for 2
Limo transportation for 2
$5,000 shopping spree on Rodeo Drive
Hotel in Beverly Hills for 2
Lunch at the Ivy for 2
Backlot studio tour for 2

Sound good? Start making your video and head on over to enter it in the Make Me Smile challenge!

I'm also really excited to tell you about Invisalign! It is the great alternate to metal braces. Invisalign does just as much as braces, but you can barely see them, as they are see through! They just slip on to your teeth, you wear each one for two weeks before switching to a new one. I remember when I had braces everyone would always tell me to be extra careful brushing my teeth so I don't have stains from where my braces where when they come of - with Invisalign, you slip it off while your brushing your teeth, so you can get a great scrub! Are you thinking these sound expensive? They actually cost right around the same price as if you were going to get regular metal braces! If I ever had to get braces again, I would for sure get Invisalign.

This is a sponsored post, I was given the opportunity through Mom Bloggers club. All opinions are 100% of my own.

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