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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blessed Horses

I've been riding for around 6 years now, horses mean so much to me! More than I can really express in words.

My three horses that I have been lucky enough to have as my "own" (Bailee's actually the only horse that is really mine, but I have leased Skye and rode her for the entire summer, and took care of Chance for a lot of the Summer as he dealt with a bunch of yucky abscesses) all of them have taught me so much.

Bailee - the cute little Tennessee Walker sticking her nose towards my hand in the picture below, has taught me so much. She was my first horse, it is quite a story to. I have known Bailee since before she was a weanling, I watched her grow up, she was always my favorite horse. Then one Summer, my parents decided it was time for my first horse (thank you so much!) after searching all summer for the right horse, we went to an auction. As I turned the corner, I stopped in shock. There stood my darling - pawing at the ground like she always had. I burst into tears - she was going to auction, anyone might of hauled her off into a terrible home! That night, I left with my first horse. The best day of my life. I trained Bailee with my Dad and went through so much with her! She is such a sweetheart (she can be a crab on certain days though!).

Skye (Showmanship picture on left) - This Summer I found out that Bailee had a neurological disorder and that I couldn't ride her anymore. Because of Bailee I've had the best days of my life - and the worst. I was so devastated. Skye was the result of some of the most generous people, my two riding instructors, and my friend Laura and her Mom. Quickly after I found out about Bailee my Mom got a phone call and I was able to lease Skye for the Summer! Skye also taught me a lot, Bailee had been one of the only horses I had ridden for a few years (crazy!) and so Skye taught me how to ride different horses.

Chance - The big Teddy Bear. Oh goodness, Chance is the sweetest Thoroughbred you'll ever meet! I got to spend a month or two with him this Summer, and I would have kept him if he would have been sound for jumping/dressage, however, he kept developing abscesses and was un-rideable.

Image source lost

I am now teaching riding lessons using Skye to a little girl, Abby, who is 8. She has improved so much from the first lesson we had to know, it is so amazing and I am so proud of her! That's for another post though!

Horses really are amazing and mean so much to me.


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  3. i wish to have my own horse someday too!~_~ and i wish to ride 'em.. (i haven't ride on ever since!) you are a lovely rider!

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  7. oh wow!
    I love LOVE horses!
    They are my favorite animal!
    I lvoe that photo of the girls sleeping by the horse..CUTE!



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